Weapons of Mass Distraction

Season 1 – Episode 2

Mad Dug and Anthony Anderson are back It’s time to mask up and join your safe and effective transmitters of freedom Mad Dug and Anthony Anderson. This week, the he/hims of the airwaves take mandatory jabs at Colin Powell, Dave Chapelle, LGBTIQA, Farrah Khan, Peter Shurman and even Billy Idol (what happened to that guy?).

It’s a Karen shaped piñata party of low-hanging fruit gags and laughs as ye olde boys of radio are ready for you to woke up!

Anthony) So, my wife said we could have a gender reveal.
Mad Dug) Oh, really? When is it-
Anthony) -It’s a boy.
Mad Dug) Oh, congrats! So when is the gender reveal?
Anthony) Uh, just now. I just told you.

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