The Media Is The Muppet

We’ve Been Hacked!

Season 1 – Episode 4

Get ready to rumble in the vaccine jungle, as Mad Dug and Anthony Anderson invite you to get down as they break down the next 13 vaccinations against the mild but yet extremely “deadly” Omicron variant.

Are they puppets or muppets or just traitors? Jim Henson would be rolling in his grave, with the aid of strings of course, if he heard the propaganda coming from Big Bird’s big pharma beak.

Plus a special visit from the most hated family man on Twitter: Woke Up! Producer Toby Gelman. All that and more … plus new music from Five Times August and our very own DJ Anthony Anderson on Woke Up!


Mad Dug: Oh, hey, buddy, are you sending out some tweets before we go on air?
Anthony: Well, I’d like to, Mad Dug, but it seems that Producer Gelman has beat me to the punch. 
Mad Dug: Oh, great, what moronic piece of disinformation is Toby Gelman sharing now?
Anthony: You know, Mad Dug, Toby almost has almost 70 followers – ergh 69 of whom are spam bots!
Mad Dug: Wait a second, are you sure this is producer Gelman tweeting about bitcoin and asian massage parlors? 
Anthony: Well, you know he has that lower back problem. 
Mad Dug: Anthony, this isn’t Toby Gelman. We’ve been hacked!
Anthony: Hacked? But how could this happen?
Mad Dug: I don’t know, I mean you’ve been posting a lot of anti mandate messages.
Anthony: You think it was the gays?
Mad Dug: And there was that time you posted about the Adam’s apple of anti-mandate eye, Teresa Tam having an affair with Justin Trudeau in black face – without first performing a land acknowledgement.  
Anthony: Oh, God don’t remind me of that image.  Look, Mad Dug, I don’t know what you’re trying to say here, but if you’re implying that Twitter is behind some conspiracy to censor alternative views that are voicing anti government views then I’d say you’re….
Mad Dug /Anthony: Woke Up! (Theme song…)

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