Ottawa Police are Resigning in Record Numbers

By Toby Gelman – Monday, February 7, 2022

A source close to the Ottawa Police Department has revealed that the force has lost a number of employees during the Truckers for Freedom protest on Parliament Hill. They simply don’t agree with trying to stop this peaceful protest or agree with Trudeau’s mandates.

“It’s gotten so bad,” said our source, “that Doug Ford has begged the OPP and RCMP to step in.”

And now even the police chief Peter Sloly has quit!

Already tow truck companies are holding the line by not helping to move the big rigs. And while a small few of Ottawa residents raise a stink over the diesel fumes, a vast majority of citizens, like the cops, support the freedom fighters.

“Many of the cops don’t agree with some of the tactics that the Ottawa Mayor is using like removing fuel for warmth in the middle of winter.” 

While mainstream media and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are collectively playing down the movement as a “small fringe minority” the reality is that the freedom truckers have a much larger support network, including members of BLM, first reported here, and many donors in the USA and around the world, who believe in the cause. 

It’s hard to believe that voicing one’s concern over these draconian measures could result in such cruel and unusual punishment, but that’s precisely what the government of Canada is doing to these people, and the Ottawa police force is speaking up for the poor, helpless truckers.

To donate to the truckers, please visit givesendgo.

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  1. Would be a lot more sympathetic to the cause if it wasn’t for all the Rebel flags and Pro Trump flags. Neither have any place north of the 49th Parallel!!

    1. Genuinely curious, have you seen them in person or just media reports? Even if I saw them, it would have to be way more than just a few for it to affect my level of sympathy for the event.

      1. There was one guy with a bank robber mask on with dark glasses holding a confederate flag !
        He was run off by truckers who said he didn’t belong.
        That’s it !!!!
        And they keep playing this one guy over and over and over
        Just ridiculous ha ha

    2. There was one confederate flag, which was clearly planted, as with the random gentleman who climbed on the statue. Have you seen the videos of each? I have. Their movement is peaceful, and those two examples are on film in entirety.

      Be careful about what you read and watch. It’s time to get information about what’s happening from the independent media and the people on live feeds, etc.

      Mandate freedom for all is the message. No lockdowns, no masks, no vac. passports, no mandatory jabs, etc. for anyone. Choice for All.

      People have literally lost their parents, etc. and not been able to go inside and be with them when they passed, whether vac’d or not. I met a Canadian mother the other day whose young daughter was just diagnosed with cancer and is hospitalized. She and her spouse can never be together with her. They have to take turns. This is not OK.

    3. rebel flag and the holder was removed by the convoy from the convoy. Please get your facts straight. Anything else you’d like me to rebut?

    4. You are being fooled.
      A) Who cares about pro Trump flags. You were being fooled by the American and Canadian mainstream about the man. I suppose you think he’s a white supremacist, too. Looking back, he seemed to run the country a lot better than what’s in power now.
      B) Rebel flags? You mean the Dixie flag being held by some idiot who was shamed and told to leave. Ya, they’re called provocateurs. Look that up.

      Be careful. Discern the info you see. Think critically, and don’t be swayed by propa–err I mean public relations.

      This is a big event that will not end well for the tyrannical government. It’s Not a fringe minority. This is for our freedom, your freedom. You need to be sympathetic or your on the wrong side of history.
      I just can’t believe people don’t see that.

    5. Not quite sure what you’ve been watching but to comment “ all the confederate flags” is as misleading as the news outlets. There was one yes “1” and the people in the crowd called him out and he was gone as fast as he showed up. But one would have to watch something other than msm to actually see that.

    6. i was there – didn’t see any confederate or nazi flags or swastika’s anyplace – you must watch the fake news

    7. You have not seen the protest in person and it shows.
      A single person had a confederate flag and was asked to leave by the Truckers themselves. (Besides that flag means nothing in Canada either way). I don’t think there were Trump flags but I could be wrong (again, not much meaning here either)…there may have been one or something. I’ve been there 5 times since the start and I can assure you that there was nothing but love in the air in Ottawa. Many Canada flags and some from the provinces but no hate symbols.

      Msm has been lying a whole bunch though. Look up “live from Ottawa” on Facebook. You’ll see lots.of footage. Make up your own mind. Better yet, visit Ottawa, you’ll be welcome and don’t even worry if you have no food and nowhere to go….the truckers will help you…

    8. There was 1 confederate flag, the guys face was covered and he was asked to leave by Convoyers, everybody believes he was a plant!

      I challenge anybody to show me a single nazi flag anywhere any time durring this protest.

    9. .. a picture of one flag is not “flags” and “false flag” is a known strategy. But if that is your standard then one blackface known misogynist PM tars all the liberal left as racist woman haters then. .. correct ,?

    10. Wow are you awake yet. People like you give canadians a sense of pride and direction to never have kids that respond with what we all know is false. Perhaps you were that single clueless instigator that was holding the rebel flag and are now looking for recognition. For one if so at least be a man about it and show your face the next time your looking for a place to show your ignorance. People with actual intelligence don’t watch msm unless it’s for shits and giggles or maybe want to buy a new tv. Move along skippy this is for responsible adults.

  2. Steve:
    I guess you have never heard of “false flag” operations enacted by provocateurs who are NOT even part of the protest group.
    The truckers say that ONE confederate flag was brought in by someone who was NOT part of the protest; someone else painted a small swastika onto the corner of a poster or flag to reflect TRUDEAUS’s strong-armed agenda not the truckers! Of course, the media jumped all over it to make it look as though the opposite were true.
    It appears you need to read more about how things can be easily skewed at political demonstrations like this to make protesters look bad. It’s an old-time propaganda trick to sway the public against one side, and it often works, as it obviously did with you.

  3. ANY ……comments from the SHEEP sympathizers of this communist, parasite, dictatorship are not worthy of rebuking or even acknowledging. These protestors are the living proof of what HONEST, HARD WORKING, CANADIAN “PATRIOTS” look like,……. NOT the snivelling spineless waste of skin backers of communism that are spewing their hatred and rhetoric all over the Nazi-controlled media.
    NOTE: It is absolutely GREAT what we are doing to get things back to a free, democratic society, HOWEVER, nothing will be fixed until we cut off the head of the snake and physically remove #trudeau and ALL of his evil, corrupt satanist minions, AND ALL the premiers and their anti-Canadian cabinet and supporters!

    1. Wow.. Sounds like you are angry at the world and just a plain failure to launch in life looking to blame someone for your own short comings. If not, you are truly sad individual in need of serious mental health counseling.

  4. Also here is some info regarding the “corrupt character” of Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly. He is a Globalist with ties to Pfizer, he received training from the FBI in Washington, we know how corrupt the FBI are, (Rotman Police Executive Leadership Program and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy.[2]) and how about this, he has received “honours” for his participation in the United Nations Peach Keeping force, which we know the history of these so-called “peace keeping” forces who reputation is, raping women, little girls, boys, killing innocent people, stealing…the list continues. United Nations & Canadian Peacekeeping Medals [2] — UNMIK Kosovo.
    This man is anti-Canada, and a Pro Globalist traitor….he is lawless and carrying out criminal activities against Canadian Citizen’s, along with the Ottawa Mayor and it’s boardmembers.

    Here is PS Wikipedia link:
    Here is his connection with Pfizer:
    Peter Sloly, the Jamaican-born police chief in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, worked for the multinational consulting firm Deloitte before he took over the Ottawa police force. Deloitte operates the vaccine tracking system for the Canadian federal government and also for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States. Peter Sloly collected years of income from Deloitte, and now he is trying to use the power of government to force the Freedom Truckers out of Ottawa.
    Read it here:
    This man is a criminal just like the rest in Ottawa!

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