Trudeau’s Liberals to Consider Real Life Hunger Games on Truckers

By Toby Gelman

You don’t need to follow the science to know that food is a vital requirement for life, and that’s why our Ottawa supply chain insider is saying the Trudeau government plans to starve the truckers to death! In fact, it’s now rumoured to be illegal to even give a trucker TimBeebs!

“They have played with a number of options,” says the insider who works deep in the bowels of an obscure federal planning agency. “Arrest, freezing their personal bank accounts, charging family members with aiding abetting, and now starvation.”

Two years ago, no one would believe that Canada would descend to this level of insanity. 

“It’s a real life Hunger Games out there,” spills our insider. “Literally!”

A lack of food would surely force the truckers to leave Ottawa, but medical advisors say that some may wind up in the hospital, or even face death. And with an already maxed out hospital system, according to the Trudeau Liberals, why would they want our precious health care workers to have to do any more work.

“Trudeau doesn’t care,” says our politico. “He will do anything to keep up his power and control. If that means the life of someone who disagrees with him ends, then so be it.” 

Shockingly, public opinion is mixed!

While many people see this latest tactic as insane there are unfortunately others, particularly in the downtown Ottawa area, who feel it’s okay for the truckers to die. Over a honking horn! 

“It’s all unfathomable the way these once peaceful woke liberal Canadians have turned into cold blooded killers over vaccine mandates.”

A Montreal human rights lawyer, however, said that if the liberal government actually goes through with this plan, the party and Trudeau will never recover politically. 

Trudeau, who already appears bloated and sickly while in ‘quarantine’ with his estranged wife/ professional volunteer after testing positive for Covid-19, seems to be plotting from behind the scenes, much like the half-blind, half-deaf reclusive mutant in the Hunchback of Notre Dame. And we know how much the townsfolk liked that tragic hero who came to an untimely end.

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