Jagmeet Singh’s Desperate Cry for Attention

By Rafe Klinger

With the warm mash being served up by the government, the Official Opposition is now buoyed by shifting public opinion on mandates and seems happy to gobble up sloppy seconds of sexy, sexy freedom during the recent emergency debate on the fate of the Freedom Rally Convoy protesters in Ottawa.

It appears that after two years the honorable members have risen to the occasion of mild defense of civil liberties and bodily autonomy.

Our All Hitz AM Political insider, Joseph Cavmon says: “Who are these people and where were they during waves one through five and counting of the ‘pandemic’.”

To their credit the Conservatives did point out that it’s because of how divided we’ve become due to overreaching government policy and lack of engagement of politicians with citizens that we’re at the point of massive protests across the country.  

Jagmeet Needs a Reality Check
The NDP were onboard with the Liberal opinion that the sky is falling, calling Ottawa ‘occupied’ and ‘under siege’ by the Freedom Rally Convoy. The Leader of the NDP, Jagmeet Singh who had called for the emergency debate went so far as to say: “This convoy protest is not a peaceful protest.” 

This guy couldn’t be more out to lunch! 

When challenged by Conservative MPs to actually go out and meet with the protestors, both Liberal and NDP members clutched their pearls. Liberal MP, and scarecrow in search of a brain, Mark Gerretsen went so far as to say: “Why should we engage with people waving signs that say FU Trudeau?” Missing the point entirely that precisely who leaders need to engage with if they sincerely want to end the protest.

One freedom fighter reacting to the late night gabfest told Woke Up! that protestors have those flags because … that’s how they honestly feel about ‘True-Dope’ “I voted for him in 2015 but it’s all that he has done to me and my country the last two years. These flags don’t order themselves from amazon, guys.” 

In a predictable footnote The Bloc Head party was all over the political map wanting to have the best of both worlds. They decried the Freedom Rally in ‘Canada’ but were proud of the way Quebec had ‘gracefully’ managed its’ Convoi de la Liberte, as organized by Quebec Union Boss and ‘Thug Number 2 “ Rambo” Gauthier.

How’s that for distinct! 

With files from AD Washbro

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