Trudeau’s Mental Health Worrying, Claim Experts

By Toby Gelman

Mental Health experts from around the globe are questioning Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s mental capacity to continue running Canada, while he struggles to hold on to his draconian COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

And the evidence of his well-being in decline, much like his recent PCR test, is not looking positive.

More recently, Trudeau lashed out within his own party by removing Joël Lightbound, the three-term MP for the Quebec City riding of Louis-Hébert, from caucus, after he publicly denounced Trudeau’s vaccine mandates.

“MP Lightbound was not critiquing his big boss or siding with the Canadian truckers, he was only stating a simple fact: the mandates need to end, vaccines are a personal choice,” adds All Hitz AM Ottawa correspondent, Joseph Cavmon. 

Lost at Sea
Sometimes it feels like Trudeau is the only one in the country who still believes in these vaccine mandates. He’s like the captain of a sinking ship lost at sea. 

Behind closed doors, our Ottawa insider says, the leader was furious after the MP’s news conference: “He tossed out expletives like he was at a truck stop and his order of steak and eggs were overcooked.”

And some are wondering whether Trudeau has what it takes to lead a party that is divided. While the Canadian truckers continue to grow in their unity, the Liberal party appears to be falling apart from the inside.

“He’s under a lot of pressure,” claims an Austrian psychotherapist. “The pressure from foreigners like Klaus Schwab to implement this Great Reset 2030 plan must be making it difficult for Trudeau to focus. Perhaps he needs to step down and have his own reset.”

Experts agree that the lockdowns caused significant mental health strain on Canadians both young and old. It should be no surprise that their leader is also suffering. From calling a snap election during a pandemic in the fall, to accusing anyone who questions his policies of being a member of the Third Reich, Trudeau is by all accounts losing control. 

And you can see it in his face. Trudeau looks bloated and unhealthy. “He looks like a leader who has lost his people,” claims Cavmon. “He probably hears those truck horns in his sleep!”

“It may be time for him to step aside and let someone more stable run the country.”

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  1. NOt only must Trudeau “step aside”. He needs to be charged with treason and also ALL government leader’s in every Province, Health Services, Police Department’s, Judges, Proscecuting attorneys.
    For he was trained by Klaus Schwab to infiltrate the Government to overthrow the Sovereignty of Canadian Law, and it’s Citizen’s, to destroy the countries “Rule Of Law”, and bring about the New World Order agenda!
    Here is just a snippet of what Klaus Schwab founded; ” Young Global Leaders in 2004, partners such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, and JPMorganChase (with alumni from the program) have also participated as sponsors.”
    Here is the link for you to read the whole documented article.
    Trudeau and parliament, and the Senate are criminals….period.

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