Anti-Protest Protestors of Ottawa Told to Go Fund Themselves

By Casey Riley

In a hilarious turn of events the MacBook surfing, latte sipping, government sapping resident sucks of Ottawa are seeking a handout from GoFundMe, but are being truck-blocked by the citizens of the Internet… and told to GoFundThemselves!

That’s right! The same crowdsourcing site that kicked the Freedom Convoy to the curb and stole the more than $10+ million dollars raised is now working on collecting for the tax collectors in Ottawa. 

Clearly suffering from an irony deficiency, the listing posted by “Trudeau True Believer” Cael Tompai says that the Freedom Protestors have “an inability to differentiate rights from privileges and thus express their anger in an animalistic and uncivilized manner.” 

Wowza! That’s rich!!

FULL DISCLOSURE: Woke Up! made a donation of $5.00, just to confirm if this thing could possibly be real. Still waiting on our charitable donation tax receipt, Ottawa !

Time to grab a mirror Cael and your fellow nations crapital cretans. Does this Liberal loser forget how the government treated its citizen-slaves over the past 2 years and counting? The Canadian government rebranded rights as privileges and dehumanized, controlled and shamed any bad sheep who dared stray from Big Brother’s pen.

It should come as no surprise that the people of Ottawa are largely in support of the government and its mental mandates. After all, a mind boggling 90% of the government serfs live and work from home in the crapital city.

According to the listing the funds collected (good truck with that!) will go directly to the City of Ottawa to “maintain the police presence, as well as clean up any destruction.”

Should we expect a detailed plan on exactly how the paltry two grand and change will be mis-spent by these socialist sock puppets? Maybe the money can be used to have police handout the flowers protestors decorated the Terry Fox statue with? Hopefully there will be enough money left over for a truck load of tissues to dry up their crocodile tears when they see the new Freedom Convoy donation drive on GiveSendGo has raised $8+ million and counting.

The listing closes by saying there are “more productive ways to express thoughts” than the Freedom Rally. If the 75 people that contributed are consistent in how they find ways of expressing themselves then maybe they’ll copy the Freedom Rally and take to the streets in their electric Ubers, standing around silently with that glazed taxpayer funded look in their eyes that sums up Ottawa as a city of people with no souls.

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