Biden Furious with Trudeau: If You Won’t Do It, I Will

By Toby Gelman

As the standoff at the Ukraine border stalls, President Joe Biden has now set his sights on the Ambassador Bridge border crossing, connecting Detroit and Windsor, where currently thousands of freedom fighters are protesting the unfair and unscientific COVID-19 mandates.

Sleepy Joe Biden is furious with Baby Face Trudeau,” a White House aide spilled to Woke Up! “He basically said if Justin won’t remove the protestors, then he will.”

And sources close to Biden say he’ll take a page out of the old Obama handbook by using physical force, possibly even weapons including strategic drones.

Trucker protests, which began in Ottawa, Canada, two weeks ago have blossomed into a free-spirited, peaceful display of unity throughout the world. Once deemed a “fringe minority” by Trudeau and the political elite, the movement has inspired similar convoys in New Zealand, France, Germany and even in Los Angeles – home to the Super Bowl this Sunday.

The Department of Homeland security has stated they believe a convoy is headed to the big game, viewed by millions, in order to bring worldwide attention to the draconian COVID-19 mandates. Talk about a kickoff!

Although, Biden and Trudeau have played nicey nice for years, it’s becoming clearer that the ancient U.S President is no longer a fan of the childish and rather incompetent hoser-poser of the Great White North. 

“Biden, who’s popularity has plummeted throughout the pandemic, thinks Trudeau has failed his country,” says our insider. 

The reality, of course, is that they are both total losers during this pandemic. But the recent turmoil is allowing Sleepy Biden to dodge some of his critics and put the blame on Dopey Trudeau. 

“If Joe calls in the troops to deal with the bridge, Canada will have no choice to retaliate and we could be seeing a similar situation as we’re seeing in the Ukraine with Russia.”

For now, Biden is giving Trudeau a chance, but if this continues into next week we could be seeing something that hadn’t happened since the War of 1812. 

Imagine that! 

“Sleepy Joe has one hand on the snooze button and the other on the nukes. I never imagined a war with Canada, but the old and senile Biden is unpredictable and at his age capable of anything,” adds All Hitz AM resident medical expert Chilly Waters. 

Trudeau has already assisted Premier Doug Ford to enact provincial emergency measures.

Waters says that what the various governments will actually do with the protestors who two weeks ago were ‘a small fringe minority’ is anyone’s guess. 

“They will cross that bridge when they can’t cross it.”

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  1. Biden’s legacy…
    Pulls troops from Afghanistan in a single day, leaving a mess, than declares war on Canada.

    Maybe we could just shove both him and Trudeau on Epstein’s island and remove any transportation from there. They are both useless.

  2. Fart dust Biden should mind his on business and worry about his time in power which from the sounds of it is not long ,,,,

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