Insider Speaks from Blocked Border Crossing Near Coutts, Alberta

By Rafe Klinger

Now into the third week of peaceful protests against the Canadian governments unlawful and unconstitutional covid mandates Woke Up! has obtained an exclusive first person account from deep within the cowboy country freedom protest of Coutts, Alberta.

Our Woke Up! informant who was at the Milk River protest says that a dedicated and freedom loving group of 200-300 protestors were peacefully blocking the border crossing at Coutts, Alberta, as of Friday. The protestors in varying numbers have been there since January 29, as part of the nations ongoing Freedom Rally against COVID-19 pandemic mandates. Over the weekend an estimated 2000 people had joined the protest. Traffic is unable to move in or out.

In a statement, the Canadian Border Services Agency said services at the Coutts port of entry are “temporarily suspended.”

“The CBSA recognizes border disruptions affect both travellers and industry and we are working to restore normal border operations at this port of entry as quickly as possible,” the statement reads. 

These cowboys, many on horseback and in full Western regalia, are packing high morale, hot food and happiness according to our insider who was at the Milk River area of the protest on Friday.

We stood down the police last night, though after a 20-minute standoff the “communicator” told us they were only there to issue enforcement tickets like abandoned vehicles, expired plates, parking on highways, etc. They formed a group and walked around unmolested and took pictures. Hundreds of tickets to arrive in the mail. Didn’t do a thing to dent morale. The right now has left style money to pay all our fines. Didn’t hear anyone worried or bitch about money or tickets.

Looks at first glance like the police have given up blocking side roads to the milk river protest, probably useless with the deluge of people expected today.

Either way, everyone that comes will get here. Cops aren’t willing to stop vehicles with vehicles or bodies. Just wrote $162 fines for using the ditch. And when they chase down cars to give a ticket, they leave the road passable. And others can pass un-ticketed.

– Protestor speaking to woke Up ! on condition of anonymity

TRUCKING FREEDOM: Independent owner operators and regular citizens gather at Coutts / US border in protest of covid mandates

And their down-home efforts have caught the bull by the horns, forcing Alberta Premier Jason Kenney to announce the repeal of Alberta’s divisive and unconstitutional vaccine passport segregation system.

The protestors vow to stay until all provincial restrictions, in addition to federal restrictions are removed. 

Coutts is just one of the Canadian/U.S. boarders that is currently or has been being blocked by peaceful protestors. Another freedom choke point iis the Emerson, Manitoba crossing. The Windsor-Detroit Ambassador Bridge crossing was blocked of protestors after more than 30 arrests by police it is expected to re-open later this week after.

If you’re at of one of these freedom protests and want the media to cover your side of the story please drop your tips to us on twitter @getwokeupdotcom.

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