Russian and Ukrainian Canadians Pulling Out of Central Banks

By Casey Riley

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians, including many of Russian and Ukrainian descent, are withdrawing their life savings from Canada’s central banks after Justin Trudeau’s and Chrystia Freeland’s shocking invocation of the Emergencies (War Measures) Act, which can freeze and seize their funds.

“I’m originally from Poland and I grew up under the restrictions of communism,” relayed one former CIBC customer who stood in a socially distanced bank line, muzzled in an N95 mask. “First they take control of the schools, then the civil organizations and politics, laws and then finally the financial system. All of it’s called temporary and for your safety, but of course it’s a lie.”

GETTIN’ JIGGY WIT IT: Minister of Finance and Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland
has a problem with her girdle and citizens rising up.

Many of the panicked patriots are originally from Eastern Bloc countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and Latvia. Countries where they remember too well the politically motivated financial meddling of corrupt regimes who stole everything from them, including their freedom. 

You Can Lose Everything
Under the new emergency economic measures order, Canadian financial institutions are required to block banking access to any Canadian citizen who contributed to the Trucker Freedom Convoy crowdfunding platforms GoFundMe and GiveSendGo. “Of course, this abstract draconian measure could apply to anyone, even those who didn’t give a dime to the anti-mandate protest,” chimes Woke Up! legal expert and Métis elder Eddie Redfoot. 

The money raised by GoFundMe went mostly undistributed and is being refunded according to the company, while a portion of the GiveSendGo funds was ordered frozen by Doug “make it a double-double” Ford. More recently, a list of GiveSendGo donors, leaked through a cyber hack, was provided to state-funded media and government law officials. “The only legal recourse for donors,” adds Redfoot, “is that the donations were made BEFORE the government introduced the Emergencies Act, making it unclear as to why this new power would even be necessary.” 

In fact, it’s fair to say millions of dollars are being withdrawn per day by people afraid of what this tyrannical government will do next. 

“It’s simple,” says our Polish Prole, “Once they have your money and control over who can buy and who can sell, then they have almost complete control. We still have a chance to peacefully resist but we are running out of time. So many people are asleep to the danger.”

Freedom Funds Frozen – Forever
Freeland, who clearly doesn’t believe in freedom, also explained that the overreaching measure applies to banks, credit unions, loan companies, credit cards and even crypto currencies! Financial institutions can’t handle cash, issue a loan, extend a mortgage or do much of anything with a freedom fighter while the Emergencies Act is in place. 

“It’s incredibly important that we follow the money,” argued Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino. 

While the mass withdrawals of cash have been largely precautionary by worried customers there’s no telling how far or how quickly the government will go. According to the government, banks are actively working with them and law enforcement to decide who should be “de-banked.”

“We will not allow this government to steal everything we worked so hard to build,” added one former RBC customer. “I came to Canada for freedom, but now it might be time to escape.” 

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