Children and Pregnant Women Attacked By Trudeau’s Secret Police

By Toby Gelman

After witnessing military-style violence used by Trudeau’s secret police against the peaceful Freedom Rally protestors in downtown Ottawa yesterday, many are asking what could possibly be next under Canada’s brutal crackdown. 

“Ottawa looked like a third-world police state,” said one trucker who refused to give his name for fear of retribution from the Trudeau regime. “I don’t know what’s happened to the true north strong and free.”

The foreign press and Toronto Sun have reported that a woman, believed to be in her 70s was trampled by RCMP horses. Woke Up! could neither confirm nor deny the report.


Other unarmed freedom fighters were beaten, pistol whipped, pepper sprayed and threatened with death as snipers perched on top of surrounding buildings; all this under the watchful eye of Justin Trudeau who gave orders from his secret bunker underneath the Rideau Centre in downtown Ottawa. Their only crime being; singing, flag waiving and trying to wake up the nation with some horn honking.

In fact, thousands of police officers had to be brought into Ottawa from across the country to carry out this attack on democracy when the majority of the local Ottawa Police Force refused to take action against the protestors. Local cops either took ‘sick time’ or resigned as first reported by Woke Up! Even the Chief of Police himself Peter Sloly resigned rather than order his boys and girls in blue to violate their oath to serve and protect the public, not their political masters.

What we can confirm is that Trudeau’s army unleashed a fury of violence and illegal detainment against protestors, including children and pregnant women who are believed to be held without food or water in Guantanamo Bay-like detention camps located in Hull, Quebec. 

The peaceful protestors who have been singing the national anthem, while voicing concern against mandatory vaccinations for three weeks were blindsided on Friday afternoon, when more than 150 innocent people were arrested and held without charges

Although the protest began and continues to be about COVID-19 pandemic mandates, the Trudeau regime, along with state-funded media, haven’t mentioned vaccinations or mandates in weeks. 

Woman who was trampled by police in serious condition but thankfully alive

“Someone needs to ask the media and the government, how come covid just went away during our protest? What happened to superspreader events?’ mocked one protestor. 

“Not only that, but there are thousands of cops here all brushing up against each other in their cloth masks, how come they’re not all dead from the virus? Does covid not stick to batons?”

Dictator Trudeau has also never met with protestors, despite repeating his mantra: “we’ve heard what you have to say.” 

The corrupt minority Trudeau regime was voted into power in September 2021 with a paltry 5 million out of a possible 27 million votes.

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