Jordan B. Peterson Agrees with us. It’s time to ‘Wake Up’, in new song

By CJ Byner

Philosopher, writer, podcaster and now … musician Jordan B. Peterson has just released the Pink Floyd-esq single ‘Wake Up’.

The song, released February 19th online and already at more than 50 thousand listens repeats the lyrics: “You should be going home, you should climb off your throne, you should be waking up.”

The song is unabashedly dedicated to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau !

Bam ! In your face !

Liner Notes:
Song and verse, dedicated to our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.
Composition: Jordan B Peterson and Skutch Tully
Arrangement and mixing: Skutch Tully Lyrics: Jordan B Peterson
Images and illustrations: Juliette Fogra Voices: Sonia Tully, Tammy Peterson, Skutch Tully, Jordan B Peterson
Video direction and editing: Jordan B Peterson

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