What’s App with Trudeau’s Paramilitary Secret Police?

And other terrible jokes not ready for prime time broadcast to the world in shocking text messages between RCMP members. 

By Casey Riley 

In a stunning display of stupidity and oblivious online arrogance, police officers belonging to the long laureled RCMP have been caught sharing mocking and violent messages about freedom protesters in Ottawa.

First reported by Rebel News, the seemingly authentic messages between RCMP Musical Ride members in Ottawa are an eye opening look into the twisted minds of these monstrous Mounties. The genial federal police force usually known for their red outfits, impeccable manners and unfailing honesty are in the capital to carry out the political bidding of Crime Minister er… Prime Minister Justin Castro er… Trudeau. 

As of yesterday thousands of officers from from across the country, and possibly even foreign UN paramilitary troops, are in the nation’s capital to politically interfere with lawful, peaceful protesters who they have waged a campaign of aggression against. A stark contrast to how the Ottawa Police had handled the situation under recently and mysteriously deposed Chief Peter Sloly.

Here’s just some of the explosive texts shared by these Royal Canadian Monkey Police.

Since the local police were given the boot and the implementation of the Emergencies (War Measures) Act, protesters have been beaten, tear gassed, illegally detained and at least two people, including an Indigenous elder, were trampled by police horses. Last night, police used illegal chemical weapons on the peaceful crowd while they sang the national anthem, “O, Canada.”

“Don’t kick all of them out until next weeks group gets our turn

Chat Member Robin Thibault delights in her taxpayer covered Ottawa digs that she and other police are lavishing in: 

“Nice Downtown in Chateau Laurier”

Nixon laughs about police brutality:

Time for the protesters to hear our jackboots on the ground”

After being criticized for his messages, Nixon switches to his best late night joke about the protesters:

“okay we can give out free hugs and unicorn stickers”

Another chat member, Marca seems to find delight and amusement in the trampling of an elderly woman Woke Up! reported on recently:

“just watched the horse video – that is awesome”

“we should practice that manoeuvre”

Screen caps below originally published by Rebel News

Estimates believe the current police ‘crackdown” is costing Canadian taxpayers between $10-20 million per day. Although there have been many arrests, very few charges have actually been laid by the police.

The Trudeau regime was “elected” into power with less than 1/5 of the eligible voters, during the most recent national election.

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  1. Many thanks for this. The costs (what are the police doing worthwhile anyway??) may be cheap compared to all the money wasted by unnecessary lockdowns, masks and especially the pointless, if not harmful, vaccines.

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