Trampled Lady Lives, But Democracy Still Dies

By Casey Riley with files from Toby Gelman

After the shocking motion to extend the Emergencies Act 30 more days passed late Monday evening under the Trudeau regime, Woke Up! learned that Mohawk Elder Candice Sero, known as the “Trampled Lady,” will live to fight another day. Sero, who moves with the aid of a walker, was intentionally crushed by a 1,200 pound police horse on Saturday afternoon during a peaceful protest in Ottawa, Canada. 

Despite the offending officers actions being under review by the police special investigations unit, the police have denied any wrongdoing and only released the bizarre statement “The horse was uninjured,” to the media.

“Trudeau may be able to kill democracy, but he can’t keep this little fighter down,” said a nurse who refused to be named for fear of retribution from the Trudeau regime. 

Despite Internet rumours to the contrary, the Indegionious woman who was violently trampled by police horses at the Ottawa Freedom Rally peaceful protest pulled through her life-threatening injuries, but just barely. 

Rumours are also circulating that the Tyendinaga Mohawk tribe, which she is a member of, are coming to Ottawa to liberate her.  However, with the new militarized zone, similar to North Korea, surrounding the downtown core, the rescue mission will be fraught with danger. The hospital is located in the heart of the city now dubbed ‘The RED ZONE’ in honour of the ruling Liberal party. 

Candice Sero turned to Twitter to thank her more than 21,000 followers for their prayers and love. “I just wanted to say thanks for the support. I couldn’t have imagined this. Thanks for the follows and retweets. I won’t stop fighting. HOLD THE LINE” followed by emojis of hearts, Canadian flags, kisses and the hashtag #BlackFaceHitler.

#BlackFaceHitler is a reference to Dictator Trudeau who has been uncovered many times throughout his career wearing black face, which some medical experts believe to be a sign of white guilt for his privileged upbringing. Others believe his racist actions are because he is unsure of who his real father is

“Getting run over by a horse is no walk in the park, or protest,” says veterinarian Dr. Linda Coffler. 

Now on the mend and with popular support behind her, ‘Trampled Lady’ says she’s getting right back on the metaphorical horse, fighting for all Canadians who’ve had their rights trodden on. 

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