Five Things YOU Need to Know About the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

By Casey Riley

According to a former top ranking military adviser, speaking on the condition of anonymity, there is a Russian doll of truths when it comes to the current conflict between the former Soviet behemoth and its Ukraine underling. And our expert is about to Blow Your Mind with his 5 Truth Bombs to keep you safe in the real war of fake news.

1. Oil Greases the Wheel of Fortune
Our military man says that while President Vladimir Putin claims the conflict has arisen out of the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO, that is only half the truth.

“Certainly Putin doesn’t want NATO at his doorstep, but that’s just an excuse to get what he’s really after. The main thing that Russia wants is easy access to its oil hungry customers in Europe. Like any smart businessman, Putin just wants to cut out the middleman!”

A vast stretch of Ukrainian territory contains an enormous pipeline that feeds Europe’s insatiable energy consumers including Germany, France and the U.K. So don’t pull the plug on firecracker Putin just yet!

Stop Huntering For Biden!
The predominant reason why the U.S. even cares what’s happening in Ukraine has more to do with President “Sleepy” Joe Biden and Democratic Speaker of the House “Fancy” Nancy Pelosi’s dirty fingerprints on the Black Gold of Russia, says our soldier of fortune. 

“Both Biden and Pelosi have relatives managing lucrative family financial interests in the country that could go south if Ukraine shifts to the Eastern European Soviet bloc.”

Other notable Washington dinosaurs with their family jewels in the Ukrainian oil jar are John Kerry and Mitt Romney. Talk about keeping it in the family!!! #blackgoldmatters

Vladimir Putin posing above as Mr. July in the 2016 Boys of Moscow calendar.

3. Is that a Bioweapon in Your American Puppet State or are You Just Happy To Bomb Me?
While Russia has successfully bombed many ‘military installations’ in Ukraine, could there be a far more global importance to the safety and stability to the entire world? Yes, says our bomb dropping insider.

“There are possibly as many as eight U.S. controlled bioweapons labs in Ukraine. Putin saw what happened with the escaped Wuhan Lab Covid-19 virus and he wasn’t about to let another bio attack on the world happen on his watch. Say what you want about his autocratic rule, corruption, and penchant for shirtless photo sessions, this Russian strongman may have just prevented the next planned Global Pandemic, and saved us all.”  

4. The War For Cybertron Transforms
Could this entire conflict really just be a cyberwarfare test run? With reports coming out of Russia and Ukraine of Internet blackouts, hacked TVs, and compromised digital banking, our major of truth telling says it’s just more back to the future.  

“Governments always run a test before implementing their real agenda. You just have to think back to 9/11, and how it was only an excuse to begin the surveillance state in America. This is no different. The techniques being tried out here will no doubt be used in whatever ‘cyber event’ the globalists have planned for the rest of the world in the near future.”

He adds: “It’s time to buy bitcoin and stock up on tins of soup.” 

The so-called Ukraine army in full Adidas combat gear prepares for an invasion using cardboard assault rifles.

5. Fog of War Crimes
With state-funded news like CNN, BBC and Reuters showing footage from old wars, video game air-fights, and photos of soldiers in Adidas tracksuits running around with cardboard guns, what really is … real?

Well our former GI Joe claims: “You should never take at face value what the press tells you. Corporate news is all too happy to beat the drum of war jingoism for its corporate and state masters. And right now it’s being pumped out like digital bullets from a cardboard gun! The TV can and will make you believe anything its programmers want, whether it’s a “wet market” virus or conflict. Some of this footage is from a movie shot in England, for cripes sake.”

And it’s not just the media and governments distorting the truth he mocks. 

“The fairytale myth making on social media is beyond absurd. Ukraine, once a joke for its backwards, impoverished illiterate farm folk and government corruption, is now the new #BlackLivesMatters. I mean, a comedian is literally the president, and the mayor of Kiev is Vitali Klitschko, a former world heavyweight boxing champion. Every fool online has a yellow and blue flag on their profile banner, and #StandwithUkraine is actually trending. It’s just another social media virtue signal keyboard war led by celebrities and politicians looking to shill a new product or beg for a vote come election time.” 

And the digital distortion of the truth has a deadly price to be paid, he says. 

“Come on! The jacked up, phony premise wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam were not what they were made out to be. They took more lives and caused more human suffering than the illegitimate reasons they were started over in the first place. The oldest military play in the book is the rally call of freedom in the name of a fake war.

“Exit medical industrial complex, enter military industrial complex. But when you actually sift through the BS, it’s not so complicated.”

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