Why Is Everyone Jumping on the Ukrainian Bandwagon?

By Toby Gelman with files from CJ Byner

Everyone from A-list Hollywood celebrities to D-listers like Joy Behar and Ed the Sock are jumping at the chance to hop aboard the anti-Siberian Express. From dressing up their profile with Ukrainian flags and using the hashtag #StandingWithUkraine, to banning everything from Russian-made vodka and even removing “Poutine” from restaurant menus. It appears these days it’s hip to be Ukraine. (Eat your heart out Huey Lewis!)

“There isn’t much difference between the conflict in Ukraine and the Trucker Convoy in Ottawa,” says a top political science professor from a notable university in Montreal. “In Ukraine they’re battling a tyrannical, oppressive madman named Putin, and in Ottawa it was more of the same with Trudeau.” 

Yet, it has become common for these so-called Ukrainian Bandwagoners to argue that in Ukraine it’s a real fight for freedom, whereas in Ottawa it was a group of whiners tired of wearing masks. D-list celebs like Ed The Sock are more than happy to falsely claim that these were two very different issues. A similar move that he and other “puppets” tried to pound down the throats of the small percentage (but growing number) who questioned vaccines, mandates and finally martial law.  

American talk show host Joy Behar (who recently fell out of her chair in a possible adverse reaction to her third Covid-19 booster shot ) has been quick to virtue signal the Hollywood ‘get vaccinated’ and ‘war is bad’ mantra but has gone even a stupider misstep further.

“Well, I’m scared of what’s going to happen in Western Europe, too,” she said on the low rated ABC day time talk show. “You know, you plan a trip, you want to go there. [I wanted] to go to Italy for four years. I haven’t been able to make it because of the pandemic — and now this. It’s like, what’s going on there, too?”

In fact, even mainstream media is starting to leak stories about falsely counted COVID-19 deaths and the severity of the “global pandemic,” including whether lockdowns were even necessary

“Eighty percent of the world is extremely daft,” said the professor. “That’s why governments rely on getting those twenty percent—academics, influencers, and notables—to step up. If they can get their vote of confidence then everything falls into place. You’ve seen someone herd sheep, right?” 

And that’s exactly what’s happening in Ukraine, despite most people unable to point to it on a map. 

Ambassador Oksana Markarova, who recently spoke to a joint session of Congress required a ucrane to be lifted into the building.

“It doesn’t help that Canadians, even celebrities, have been brainwashed for the last two years and at this point they’ll do anything their government tells them. A month ago, most Canadians were locked in their basements terrified of the very mild cold-like Omicron variant. Today they’re declaring COVID-19 over because of a tweet by Bill Gates from an unverified Twitter account.”

People who are anti-mandate usually aren’t black vs. white thinkers and can understand the nuanced difference between a fake TV war between Russia and it’s former Baltic state propped up by a puppet American government and pandemic mandates in Canada.

“They never started the comparison, because it’s dumb.”

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