Vladimir, Justin and Joe in Love Triangle

Biden, Trudeau and Zelensky in Explosive Nuclear Love Triangle

Biden, Trudeau and Zelensky in Explosive Nuclear Love Triangle

By Clammy J. Byner, Gossip Columnist 

There’s a nuclear warhead of passion about to explode over Eastern Europe between lecherous leaders Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, and Vladimir Zelensky. And this matter of the heart could be more deadly than the myocarditis I got from the COVID-19 vaccine!  

Let’s Talk About Sex!

With sexy new world order stud Zelensky on the international fame prowl, former studs, and wannabe social media influencers, like Biden and Trudeau are full of FOMO. “Zelensky is stealing the spotlight… and the chicks,” chirps one Eastern European lovely.

HAPPILY MARRIED: Wife of Vladimir, Olena says she isn’t worried about other women in her rebel with a causes life. But no one asker her about the MEN!!!

Freshly back from his “Selfie Tour of Europe”(SEE THE LEAKED PHOTO ALBUM HERE!) Trudeau is said to be fuming with the lack of press… and lady coverage, as all eyes are now on Ukraine funnyman sexy Zelensky.

“Trudeau is used to being in the spotlight and when he’s not, his latin blood boils.” (Trudeau’s father is Cuban.) “He’s worried that Zelensky is going to woo away all his parliamentary paramores,” laughed a CBC staffer who DM’d Woke Up!, referring to Zelensky’s upcoming address to the Canadian parliament.

MR.DRESSUP: Justin is fuming that the steam he let off during his National Lampoon European Vacation is cooling thanks to Sexy Zelensky !

Sleepy Joe Being Upstaged!

That said, “Sleepy” Joe Biden who once charmed the halls of Washington, as a young and studly Dem, is also feeling the heat or lack of it from the pint-sized Ukrainian. Biden’s stuck in a broken, aging body and can’t even get a sentence out without the use of an oversized teleprompter and even larger amounts of drugs.

CAN’T GET UP IN THE POLLS: Biden is use to being second string to Obama, and Pelosi and Kamala … but never in matters of the heart.

Further speculation is that Biden desperately wanted to go overseas to deal with the conflict in Ukraine, but was denied by his caregiver wife… or is that his sister! Biden just can’t stand that he can’t be in the wartime photo shoots, mostly because he can’t stand for that long. But this dud and former stud shouldn’t be thought of as an example of all aging world leaders.

Biden and Trudeau are jealous that they can no longer hold it up in the international spotlight. Take it from me darling, I’ve uncovered them both in the dark. These guys stand for nothing.

Putin Calls Their Puffs

And while these puffsters pose for photos, Russia’s Vladimir Putin was quoted by RT saying: “This man, Zelensky, if you can call him that, is unserious. When I was defending Russia’s interests against American influence 5 years ago, he was filming Youtube videos in women’s clothing. I have no need to pose for photos to appeal to the Western media. Real men are judged on the real actions they take, not the fake words they say.”

PUTIN A REAL MAN IN THE SADDLE: Say what you will about politics but Vlad is a real cowboy in the bedroom.

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