Trudeau, Zelensky and Fauci Backed by Hollywood’s Liberal Elite

Oscars are over Covid

By Clammy J. Byner

After their breakout roles as global crisis actors, Hollywood’s elite are finally recognizing Justin Trudeau, Volodymyr Zelensky and Anthony Fauci for their dramatic role-playing in this years Academy Awards. And they’re even giving a boost to up-and-coming trans actor Theresa Tam and provincial bit part player Doug Ford.

Lover of the world stage, Canadian actor and former drama teacher Justin Trudeau could be the surprise Oscar winner of the night. Attempting a third rate acting comeback, Trudeau is up for an Oscar in Best Middle-Aged Actor in a Dystopian Fantasy in The Worst Person In The World.

The Player: Trudeau transformed from world class chump to sketchy vaccine salesman in The Worst Person in the World.

Other notable Oscar nominations include:

  • Pharmaceutical insider Anthony Fauci takes a jab at Best Lead Political Supporting Actor in the Pfizer sponsored children’s film Big Bird and the Case of the Avian Virus 2.
  • Trans activist Theresa Tam transitions her career in Your Body, My Choice for Best Gender Disguising Makeup.
  • TV comedian turned international rebel with a cause Volodymyr Zelensky for Best US Backed Puppeteering in The Best Way to Get A Mail Order Bride Out of Eastern Europe is With A Ukraine (Subtitled).
  • Former hash dealer Doug ‘Dopey’ Ford as Biggest Actor on the Small Screen in Ontario: Open for Business, Closed Forever.

The awards show, set to take place March 27 at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, will not require a vaccine passport, despite California requiring a passport for all indoor events. A fact that leads Woke Up ! to believe that most Hollywood elites are not even vaccinated despite their constant shilling of the experimental gene therapy.

The thespians thanked the academy for the honour of just recognizing them and also stated that they will be continuing their roles for as long as long the public will tolerate them.

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