War on Masks Unveils the Ugly Face of the Woke

Unmasking the False Virtue Behind the COVID-19 Forever Fringe Movement

By AD Washbro

With the inevitable science based removal of mask mandates in North America, tensions are disturbingly high in businesses, bars and even school yards where the masked are abusing the maskless

“I’m hearing more and more abuse of people who are following science and not wearing a mask,” syndicated late night radio host Anthony Anderson told Woke Up! “My callers are telling me about their kids being intimidated and shamed by their hypochondriac teachers and teased by their mask-wearing friends. One listener told me he was kicked out of a restaurant for not wearing a mask when he left his table to use the bathroom.”

In Ontario, Canada, the mask mandate was largely removed on March 21. The reasons cited were decreases in hospitalizations, an uptake in the experimental vaccine, and a much milder variant circulating. Further mandates will be lifted based on science in the near future, according to the province that has been under masking orders for almost 2 years. Most other jurisdictions in Canada and the U.S. lifted their mandates weeks or even months ago. 

SMILES OF FREEDOM: A family from Ottawa, Ontario, celebrates the announcement that they are no longer required to wear masks.

Ontario, Canada, Won’t Follow the Science of Masks

But not everyone is onboard with removal of the mandate. According to the independent news agency Rebel News, reporting that an Ontario couple was thrown off a Via Rail train for allegedly not pulling up their mask between sips of a drink!

“We‘ve been following the science for two years,” says customer John Lagazzi at the Cafe Diplomatico in Toronto’s Little Italy district. “Lockdowns, masks, social distancing, working from home. If science says no mask then what’s the big issue?”

That issue, of course, has been escalated by a small fringe minority of parent groups and so-called medical experts who are questioning the science and claiming through selective and questionable facts and figures that the science is wrong. 

Many are rightly calling them dangerous Conspiracy Theorists. 

Even COVID-19 true believers, like media mask-hole Dr. Leana Wen, have accepted that the mild, but deadly virus is long gone.

“For those who don’t agree that the vaccinated can return to pre-pandemic normal, I ask: What should we all do? Perpetual masking? Forever not dining out, avoiding large weddings & indoor gatherings, etc? Virtually everything has risk, and zero covid is not a viable strategy,” Wen opined recently on CNN. 

ALL ABOARD THE CRAZY TRAIN: VIA Rail recently removed two paying customers who removed their masks to take sips from their beverages. Despite the mask mandate being lifted, some petty people in positions of moderate power refuse to follow the science.

The Mother of all Conspiracy Theories

“Not so,” says one Buffalo area mother who disagrees with the talking head doctor. 

“Despite masks being no longer mandatory, my family will continue to wear them for as long as necessary to end the pandemic. It’s about compassion. When I see maskless people in the mall or grocery store I want to spit in their faces, but, of course, I can’t because I’m wearing a mask,” she tells Woke Up!

Freedom to Choose No Mask

“We live in a free and democratic society, a person can wear a mask as easily as they can wear shorts in subzero temperatures, but they don’t have the right to infringe on other people’s right to choose,” says talk show host Anderson. 

From bar room brawls to school yard taunting, it appears that the maskless are being victimized worse than an overweight diabetic with the seasonal flu… or COVID-19. 

“I’m terrified to go maskless,” confesses the cafe latte sipping Lagazzi. “Not because of COVID-19. I’m following the science and I’m not sure why everyone has stopped. The science works, it’s helped us through the pandemic, which has a 99.98% survival rate.”

THE LOWEST PRICE IS THE LAW: Even your local mega store is done cashing in on Covid-19.

According to experts masking has been proven to offer little, if any, protection from COVID-19. Other provinces and countries that removed masks have seen very little increase in virus transmissions. 

“I feel sorry for the mask wearers,” said Anderson. “They’re clearly suffering, but they don’t need to take it out on people they don’t agree with. Maybe they should see a doctor about their mental health issues.

It’s like the voice over guy at the station Johnny Jock always says: ‘Get busy living or get busy washing your mask’.”

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