This Justin: Your CRT Is Broken News

Mr. T Says: 'I pity the fool who falls for the BA variant'

This Justin: Your CRT Is Broken News Woke Up! Podcast with Mad Dug & Anthony Anderson

Season 1 – Episode 8

Mad Dug and Anthony have removed their freedom muzzles and pity the fool who’s worried about the next so-called BA variant. Get ready for a super spreader of laughs and gags (sorry, not sorry Zelensky) on Critical Race Theory, COVID-19, and the mainstream media in this specially designed for your ears only episode of Woke Up! Bought and paid for critics – who we bought and paid say: “It’s like TV, but in your mind.” 

Don’t miss a special tribute to CBC’s Rosie Barton, as she spends the taxpayer’s dime attempting to get into Dictator Trudeau‘s pants. Good luck, sister! 

So turn on the Olympics, tune into CRT, and drop out of the MSM narrative with the All Hitz AM Zoo Crew, featuring Terrance Dicks, as our channel surfing reluctant BBC announcer. PLUS: Brand New Truth Music from 5 Times August!

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