Is Sexy Zelensky in Bed with Deep State?

By Rafe S. Klinger

The dreamy face of former stand-up comic turned Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, 44, has become the heartthrob of resistance, and a puppet for the Deep State. But what makes this funnyman turned politician such a stud, as Vlad Putin’s boys try to slip their tanks in Ukraine’s back door?

Claim To Fame

Zelensky’s rise to political fame followed an unusual path. After earning a law degree in the late nineties, Zelensky (who his friends call ‘Ze’) went on to appear in popular Ukrainian TV shows, Dancing with the Stars and dubs of American movies such as Paddington Bear 2. He also starred in the Ukrainian Netflix Original films based on traditional folklore: Police Academy EU: Mission to Moscow; We have to Talk About Kyiv; and There’s Something About Myroslava

Coincidentally, the Ukrainian comic actor’s role that launched his presidency was a show where he played… the president! 

LEFT: Ze on patrol with soldiers … back in November! TOP: Like Paddington Bear, he’s an adorable fish out of water fictional character. BOTTOM: Just another day at the office … of The President of Ukraine.

Talk about life imitating art! 

Who says there are no small actors! From 2015-2019, Zelensky, barely reaching 160 centimetres, starred in the highly rated Servant of the People. The popularity of which he rode all the way to the real presidential palace. After unseating the highly unpopular Petro Poroshenko, Zelensky soon ran into international attention after an odd phone conversation with then President Donald Trump. 


“Trump wanted an investigation into Hunter Biden’s shady financial dealings in the already corrupt country. But Zelensky said no deal, which drove Trump to try and withhold a ton of cash the Dems had promised to Ukraine,” says our Woke Up! U.S. State Department informer.

“In the end, Trump relinquished the money and Biden and his son’s monkey business went uninvestigated.” 

Tanks For The Memories, Zelensky

Fast forwarding to the current theatre of war finds Zelensky in the leading role. Playing the brave resistance leader against Russian forces has his people and the international press rating his military acumen on par with George Washington and the social media clickbait-ability of Ariana Grande. 

But could this former TV star be in over his head in his Hollywood war with Russia? 

“Ze is playing to the cheap seats in this made for TV war,” says Woke Up! Entertainment writer and podcast contributor Clammy J. Byner.

“With staged photos of glamour models holding cardboard rifles, video game fighter jet footage of The Ghost of Kyiv, and questionable physical proof of actual war,” says the seasoned gossip columnist. 

“Now that all the Western journalists have retreated from covering the story (including Sean Penn!) social media expert “Ze” could be using his media production savvy for slick political propaganda. And don’t even get me started about what he wore to the 2019 Eastern European Daytime Emmys!”

Ticking Time Bomb That Sets off Word War III

Our state department tattler though has an even less favourable take on the Ukrainian leader. “We’re looking at a puppet, tied to the same troubling strings as World Economic Forum (WEF) controlled leaders like Jacinda Ardern, Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau. Ukraine is the West’s shield and the powers that be don’t care who is holding it so long as they follow orders.”

MADE FOR TV DOUBLE FEATURE: LEFT: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (former actor) with former actor President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. TOP: All the world’s a stage and these background characters only dialogue is “Rhubarb Rhubarb Rhubarb!” BOTTOM: Watch us shake hands!

Supported by both the international community and Ukrainian super patriots on social media who foolishly want war with Russia, he’s clearly a ratings hit. Fans and critics agree, Zelenskyy hits all the right demographics. One troubling question remains though, according to Byner.

“How’s this low budget romcom going to end? Will this comedy become a tragedy? There’s more production than value coming out of the Ukraine, for reels. It’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s faker than a ‘live’ Joe Biden press conference!”

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