Russian to Close Down COVID Theatre

Russian to Close Down COVID Theatre Woke Up! Podcast with Mad Dug & Anthony Anderson

Season 1 – Episode 9

Mad Dug and Anthony are ready to stand, slap and jab their way to laughs in their latest, and greatest (Hello, Will Smith as Ali) episode ever. Join the wildest and wackiest DJs in Podcast land as they speak with Etch A Sketch genius Kyle Fleming, break down the latest COVID-19 breakdowns (Goodbye, Dr. Moore), and release the trailer for their upcoming Summer Blockbuster: The Incurable, but Surprisingly Mild Virus (I’d like to thank the Academy). 

Plus: How dumb is Mad Dug’s smart phone, will Anthony be able to U-Crane his mail order bride out of Moscow, and Johnny Jock reads quotes from Winston Churchill (Is there anything that British Bulldog didn’t say?)

It’s a race against time as the world is rushing to close down COVID theatre. Get ready to rumble in the alopecia jungle on what Chris Rock once called “the best podcast since SNL was actually funny.” Only on Woke Up!

The amazing art work of this weeks Woke Up! guest Kyle Fleming

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