Light Haul for Ottawa Anti-Freedom Protestors 

Freedom hating Ottawa lockdowners losers in fundraising drive  

The MacBook surfing, latte sipping, government sapping residents of Ottawa have done it! As first reported by Woke Up! in February 2022, the ‘Anti-Protest Protestors’ from the nation’s capital were hoping to raise $100,000 on GoFundMe as a way to protest the Truckers for Freedom Rally. But predictably, and more importantly pathetically, they missed their goal by about $97,000. 

It’s true! The final haul for the lockdowning lefties was a paltry $2,903. Barely enough for a Chai latte at Starbucks. Honk! Honk!

The GoFundMe, organized by Cael Tompai (who lives in Vancouver, not Ottawa), was to counter the Truckers for Freedom Rally’s campaign on the same platform, which had raised more than $10 million. (That money was eventually returned to donors due to big tech censorship and political pressure from the Trudeau government.)

BOUNCY CASTLE REBELLION: Despite the way that the mainstream media and the Liberal government under Justin Trudeau portrayed the Freedom Convoy, nothing could be further from the truth. The rally was peaceful, lawful, diverse and a celebration of everything that Canadian freedom means.

Tompai’s confusing stated goals went something like this: 

“By sending your money you show the respect and support for all the sacrifices and tough decisions our forebearers made to create this beautiful Country. Canada has freedoms that most countries do not have the privilege to experience. To desecrate our Country’s Capital, showing zero respect for the majority of the people of this country who are working together to get through these tough times, I feel as if this is a violent act against me and my beliefs. I fully support standing up for your thoughts and desires in Canada, but this must be done following the rules laid out in our civil society’s laws, acts and regulations.”

We don’t know what any of that means either!

KEEP ON TRUCKIN’ BIKER BROTHERS: No word from the anti-protest protestors if they will be mounting another failed fundraiser ahead of this weekends ‘Rolling Thunder’ protest, which will see more than 1,000 motorcycles and other vehicles protesting unjust pandemic mandates on the streets of Ottawa.

Last week, Tompai updated the meager group of one hundred and two donors by saying: “We are finalizing the last bits of transferring the funds to United Way Ontario. They will be using the funds to help locals in the Ottawa area.”

Looks like these left wing loonies got truck-blocked by the global citizens of the Internet… and told to GoFundThemselves!

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