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Get Woke Up! welcomes important political cartoonist Bob Moran to the movement

Political cartoonist Bob Moran’s satirical illustrations may be among the most circulated and censored freedom art in the world. You’ve likely seen his controversial truth-telling work on Facebook (when it’s not removed by censors), but now you’ll be able to view his work right here on Thanks to The Democracy Fund Canada, an organization fighting for Canadians rights and freedoms in the face of government restrictions. 

Moran recently agreed to share his uncensored political cartoons through the organization with any publication brave enough to publish his weekly commentary on the violations of individual rights by tyrannical governments around the world.


Bob Moran is an award-winning British cartoonist, whose work had been published in many prestigious publications, most notably, The Telegraph until he was fired AKA ‘cancelled’ back in October 2021. Moran was a vocal critic of the UK government’s pandemic messaging, speaking out against his country’s slide into its health-totalitarianism to ostensibly deal with the COVID-19 cold and flu pandemic. His public cancellation came after a series of tweets he sent railing against a public health official in response to her public fear mongering.

While working for the mainstream London based Telegraph he was known for his edgy and controversial work. In one notable and much criticized drawing while still working at the paper, Moran depicted a child being dragged away from their grandmother by a mask-wearing police officer. The illustration won him the Political Cartoon Award of 2020. He described the piece as a testament to the enduring power of love and decency. 

DRAWING CONCLUSIONS: Bob Moran’s moving and iconic political cartoon that was too edgy for The Telegraph.

“The people who have spent months relentlessly trying to crush those values will ultimately fail,” he said in his heartfelt acceptance speech. “Because love and human decency will always win in the end.” 


In a recent interview with Robert Vaughan of Just Right Media, Moran said that he will continue to explore the themes of civil liberties, human rights, mandates and vaccines, but also censorship and freedom of speech. 

Moran went on to tell Vaughan that even as the global COVID-19 hysteria slowly fades away – none of the overarching issues are going anywhere any time soon. 

“The number of people who have been totally awake and on board with what’s been going on through the pandemic and they’ve learned not to trust the media, not to trust their government… but when the Russia-Ukraine situation began, it was like they immediately switched back and said, right, now everything is true. Everything we’re being told about this must be true. And you think, no! You’ve come so far in developing your critical thinking, don’t abandon it over this!”

But it’s not just the public’s fault Moran told Vaughan. It’s a failing of modern journalism in the repeater rather than reporter world we now live in. 

“The point of investigative journalism is formulating a theory about something that’s going on about a truth that’s being withheld from the public and investigating it. And so to begin with, what you have is often a conspiracy theory which you intend to prove. When you think about it, all good journalists should be conspiracy theorists to a certain extent.”

Moran continued that if there is an agenda someone is trying to push humanity toward, it’s a miserable and dark place.

“Whether it’s erupted coincidentally or not it is going to help the people who want to move us to that place and so I think it’s sensible to look at it through that lens and also to be skeptical.”

Be sure to check for new freedom art by Bob Moran.

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