Five “Craziest” COVID-19 Twitter Doctors

Tell me you have a social media medical degree without telling me you have a social media medical degree

Doctors on Twitter have isolated the scientific fact that education doesn’t equal intellect online. From obscurity to internet fame in just two years our team of experts have compiled a list of some of the craziest quacks on the social media platform.

Some call them Twitter professionals, while some call them pontificating Trolls, profiteering from pushing government talking points and the agenda of Big Pharma. Only Woke Up! Is able to diagnose the issue and give these docs a taste of their own medicine.

5. Dr. Isaac Bogoch

@BogochIsaac For most of the pandemic, Isaac Bogoch has been the go to “expert” on talk radio and local TV channels in Canada. Often lecturing about the dangers of this mild, but deadly virus. Bogoch along with Dr. Peter Juni regularly appeared on state-funded media under the guise of their volunteer group the Ontario Science (Fiction) Table. Yes, that very same “table of experts” who predicted a winter of death for the unvaccinated. More recently, Bogoch has been dipping his beak into Ontario’s wastewater attempting to prove the sixth wave of COVID-19 is coming to wash away the sinning anti-vaxxers. Well, we think after two years of misinformed fear, it might be time for Bogoch to quit his day job (what is that again?).

4. Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth

@nilikm This Eastern Ontario MD has been one of the most vocal, and annoying, when it comes to regurgitating the pro vaccine, pro mask, pro lockdown messaging. Her tweets give the impression that COVID-19 is the sixteenth century plague, not a mild and manageable cold. In fact, more recently this doctor of doom claims she’s had COVID for three weeks! Didn’t anyone tell her that an apple a day keeps a seasonal cold away? Truth is that Dr. Kaplan-Myrth is fishing for a book deal and her online hysterics may just make her a bestseller, or at least fill up 99.97% of a discount bin.

3. Bill Gates

@BillGates Oops. Not a doctor!

3. Dr. Johns Hopkins

@JHSPH_CHS This COVID grifter is crazier than a flu suffering bat at a Chinese wet market over the misinformation he’s been feeding the American public. From continually pumping Pfizer’s latest junk to praising the White House for its fight against the seasonal flu, Johns Hopkins is one of those who fought former president Donald Trump for not doing enough to combat the virus, but has rubber stamped the fitness of Sleepy Joe. (Is someone going to change that guy’s batteries? We’re looking at you Johns Hopkins!)

2. Dr. Risa Hoshino

@risahoshinoMD This sexy social media influencer who had 113,000 Instagram followers at the height of her fame claimed to be working day and night tirelessly fighting COVID in an N95. Dr. Hoshino regularly shared heart-wrenching over-the-top stories about sick kids she was personally treating in New York along with her insight as a ‘vaccine expert’. The trouble is that she doesn’t work in a hospital and has no vaccine expertise, since she’s a city school pediatrician.

This ‘covid health hero’ would post about being overworked, under-paid, and bullied by ‘anti-vaxxers’. She brazenly begged for ‘coffee donations’ while posting mask wearing and looking weary photos alongside fun bikini pics of her chillaxing at the beach. This deceptive doc also promoted products and services and is still earning a commission on mask sales through Amazon! Since being defrocked as a high priestess of ‘safetyism’ by blogger Sarah Beth Burwick on Substack, Hoshino has made her twitter private and deleted her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

1. Dr. Sanjay Gupta

@drsanjaygupta CNN talking head, Joe Rogan punching bag, and even guest host on Jeopardy, Gupta has been front and center of the doctor dictatorship, which has been regularly prescribing fear, anger and disinformation. Since day one of the ‘global pandemic’, this snake oil salesman has endorsed for every crackpot magical medical misdirection the US government has injected into the national consciousness. I’ll take Misinformed Twitter Doctors for $200, Sanjay?

Honourable Mentions

Dr. Amit Arya

@amitaryamd A “Palliative Care Physician working in hospital” (sic), Dr. Amit Arya, also known as Dr. Bot, spends the majority of his days tweeting about increasing lockdowns, mask mandates, and getting a fourth and fifth vaccine. Yes, we know, when does he have time to attend to his patients? Truth is, he seems more concerned with a steady stream of likes and retweets than with your health. The only jab this guy should be getting is a Twitter block.

Dr. Theresa Tam

@CPHO_Canada Two years ago Dr. Tam promoted glory holes as a safe and effective way to stop the spread. While just the idea of that along with her waxwork like appearance has flattened the curve of many men’s sex drives, her obsession with sex didn’t end there. She also recommended no kissing and wearing a mask while making whoopie. Don’t worry though, she tweeted, the lowest risk sexual activity during COVID-19 involves yourself, alone. That does not sound like a happy ending!

Bonus Twitter “Doctor”

Dr. David Fisman

@DFisman As requested by popular demand we bring you a bonus bone-headed Twitter “Doctor” who didn’t make the original cut of The Five “Craziest” Doctors on Twitter. Our Woke Up! readers love to hate Dr. David Fisman for his segregationist beliefs and dangerous fomenting of division between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. 

A professor of Epidemiology at the much maligned lockdown-loving Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto by day, and social media troll by day/night. In his spare time, which there seems to be lots, Fisman enjoys making pandemic doomer TV appearances, flogging masks to stop the sixth wave (those worked great in waves 1-5) and doing paid lobbying for the closure of schools on behalf of teachers unions, while advising the government on pandemic related school closures. 

But the real reason for Fisman’s 12th hour inclusion on the list is his bombshell bogus study that found unvaccinated people threaten the safety of the vaccinated. (Wow, those vaccines seem to be working great!

“People’s friends tend to be similar in age or people may hang out with the same sex. They may hang out with or attract more people from their own socioeconomic group, their own ethnic group,” says Fisman.

Taking flak online for the ‘garbage in garbage out’ computer model ‘study’, which he calls a ‘simplified version of reality’, Fisman says he can’t stay on toxic Twitter. Fisman is holding his inflated head up high telling his devoted/brainwashed followers that he’s ‘migrating off’ the ‘hell-site’. Woke Up’s specially calibrated (for B.S) computer model has determined that Fisman likely won’t ever leave the social-media platform that elevated his standing over the last two years. But if he does, our study suggests, his ego won’t get boosted, but it might just hit him on the way out!  

That’s our peer reviewed Woke Up! study of the olde guard of Twitter Docs, but who will be the hot new stars of social media medicine now that Elon Musk has taken over the Tweetdom? Check out our upcoming Doctors of The New Twitter next time! 

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