Is the Canadian Armed Forces Crossdressing the Line?

New Canadian Armed Forces regulations will allow for crossdressing, face tattoos, fake nails and more!

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has gone balls to the walls with wokeness. Woke Up! has obtained a leaked draft document from the CAF that outlines plans to create a more “gender inclusive” dress code. The crazy new code includes allowing all members to wear male or female uniforms, have face tattoos, fake nails, wear jewellry, and even brandish wacky hairstyles while on duty. 

The leaked document is titled: “Canadian Armed Forces Dress Instructions proposal to reflect a more inclusive culture.” 

The proposed guidelines claim to be “safe, operationally effective, inclusive and reflective of societal norms and expectations.” If made into official regulation it would apply to all 65,000 full time service members and 27,000 reservists.

CANADIAN ARMED FASHIONISTAS (CAF): This leaked document displays just some of the out of this world new looks for Canadian soldiers.

Recruitment has been down over the past several years due to the pandemic cutting into recruitment drives and allegations of sexual misconduct in the force. The changes come as an attempt to increase recruitment and diversity in the ranks.

If adopted it would be the standard guideline for all CAF members in the Army, Navy and Air Force.


The document explains that “tattoos are permitted on the face as long as they conform to the regulations outlined in Section 2- Appearance.” The section disallows tattoos related to criminal organisations or hate groups. 


A military buzz cut will no longer be the only style seen on our military members. Included in the ‘do-nots’ that are now the ‘new doos’; “no length restriction, no restrictions on colours and all styles of facial hair and sideburns (will be) authorised.” 

THIS IS NOT YOUR DADS ARMY: Unlike in the past, new recruits will no longer have to show their stripes by shaving their locks.

The document leaves many to speculate that should WW3 break out, it will certainly be in full colour.

“Yes, the colouring of hair is permitted in all orders of dress unless it inhibits an operational duty. For example, bright coloured hair may have a negative operational impact during field operations/training. Leaders are invited to discuss with their members (and) find a simple suitable accommodation, such as a scarf to cover the hair.” 


“All styles of facial hair and sideburns are authorised and shall comply with safety and operational requirements. Facial hair may be braided/ponytail style and coloured. Accessories to secure facial hair include but are not limited to: barrettes, bobby pins, fabric elastics, elastic bands, and hair nets,” the document explains. “There are no restrictions on the length of hair. However, it must not prevent the proper wear of headdress and must not impede the visibility of the members face.” 

LETS HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Try to wrap your head around the new hair policy could take long enough to grow a beard, but if you’re a member of the CAF, you’re in luck! 

There is a proviso that soldiers could still be ordered to shave their stash if a commanding officer decides it doesn’t meet operational or safety standards. 


Both women and men will even be “permitted to have long fingernails in uniform,” and that “fake nails and eyelashes (are) permitted, nail polish (is) permitted” and “permanent make up (will be) allowed.” 

Military members could also soon be allowed to wear any type of jewellery, including rings and earrings should the changes be adopted.

‘My ears are ringing Sir!’ To which the Sargent replied, ‘Have you tried earrings instead?’

“All may have earrings with adornment (no number restriction),” notes one proposed change. “No restriction on the number of rings worn.” 

The draft plan has received “endorsement from national leadership” and was approved by the National Defence Clothing and Dress Committee. It is currently being reviewed before possible implantation this year.

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