Transplaining the TERF About Women

Transplaining the TERF About Women Woke Up! Podcast with Mad Dug & Anthony Anderson

Season 1 – Episode 10

Mad Dug and Anthony are ready to call to order, your honor, and make the woke mob walk the plank in the post-pandemic podcast of the century. (Sorry #JusticeforJohnny.) Join the captains of the seven seas of the airwaves as they speak with Amy Hamm of the Canadian Women’s Sex-Based Rights organization (caWsbar) about everything from TERFs to J.K. Rowling to answering the age old question of whether a man can get pregnant. (Happy early #FathersDay, Producer Gelman!)

Nurse and women’s based rights advocate Amy Hamm is the feature guest on Episode 10 of the Woke Up! podcast.

Plus Dr. Johnny Jock examines NFTs, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson performs on open-mic night, and Dr. Who gender reverses the time machine back on THEY/THEMS scriptwriters. (Is there a #TwitterDoctor in the house?)

Nurse Amy Hamm stands in front of the “I [heart] J.K. Rowling” billboard in Vancouver, Canada, in September 2020. Hamm is being investigated by the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives after complaints were made that her views on gender identity were transphobic.

You don’t need one-million alpacas to join the right side of history, but a theme song featuring George Orwell and no sense of taste would help. It’s time to tune in and drop out of the Monkeypox narrative with the All HitZ AM Zoo Crew, as they out the #PrideParade as naked corporate virtue signalling. The revolution will not be televised or hashtagged, but it will be podcasted on Woke Up!

Woke Up! Is Now a 99.997% Justin Trudeau Free Zone!

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