Tribal Warfare in Canadaland Journalism

Host Jesse Brown and journalist Terry Glavin get it on!

As a former member of the Woke Mob, the Canadaland podcast use to be an informative and fun medium for me to keep updated on all the things I needed to know to stay woke. But a recent show with an honest old-time journalist has left me wondering about why I ever considered Canadaland informative. 

In the recently published Canadaland podcast #786, host Jesse Brown interviews reporter Terry Glavin regarding his controversial (to some) article Year of the Graves: How the media got it wrong article, as published in The National Post. If you haven’t read this piece about last year’s national meltdown over the Residential school system mass graves that weren’t, please do. 

ONCE AHEAD OF IT’S TIME: Could this ground-breaking podcast be digging its own grave?

The interview edit, production and supplementary sources interviewed at the end of the podcast paint Glavin as a hostile, ‘white savior’ idiot, which is perhaps what Glavin suspected Canadaland wanted. Glavin seemed to know what was going to happen in the edit and pointed out several times in the interview that he was warned about the ‘sleazy’ and disingenuous host. Which is why he went ahead and recorded and then published the full raw interview on his Substack blog

“I think any honest listener will agree that I don’t hold back in pointing out to the host-huckster Jesse Brown the many instances of his shameless dishonesty, for which he is already infamous,” Glavin later wrote on Substack.

At the centre of the brouhaha, is Glavin’s claim that the media got the details wrong. Glavin wrote that ‘nothing new about the schools was revealed last summer’ and, even still, Canadians lost their minds with guilt and started burning down churches and toppling statues. 

The article was one of the first, including another published in The New York Post and even here on Woke Up!, that began questioning the media narrative and political manipulation regarding the very real and sad issue of unmarked graves at Residential schools. 

EVERY HERO BECOMES THE VILLAIN IF THEY LIVE LONG ENOUGH: Senior Reporter Terry Glavin has written for years on Indigenous issues, but does a woke world still want these journalism cowboys around?

Glavin who has reported extensively on Indigenous issues for decades, explicitly states in his article that he is not indulging in “residential school denialism.” Despite this, Brown continually assigns denialism and racist conclusions that someone ‘might take away’ from the article.

In fact, Glavin goes out of his way to address the very real abuses and injustices that happened in the Residential school system and how Canada and Canadians need to face that reality and make honest and meaningful amends.   

“Of course I reckoned there’d be a hullabaloo in response to Year of the Graves. What I didn’t anticipate was that the response would provide so much more slam-dunk evidence supporting the Year of the Graves analysis that explains just why it was that Canada suffered something like a national psychotic episode last summer,” the journalist wrote. 

In this tale of two tapes the listener gets to hear both the raw and edited versions of a controversial Canadaland podcast.
MORE SHLOCK AND LESS TALK: Former Q107 intern and current Canadaland host, Jesse Brown asks hard-hitting questions that he isn’t afraid to answer himself.

Although, I only recently “woke up” to how sad and fringe the woke mentality is, I’m saddened to find that an independent journalist like Jessie Brown wouldn’t find that Mr. Glavin’s piece is more thought provoking and worthy of a good-faith discussion, instead of trying to discredit him with leading questions and smarmy remarks. 

“In conversations among and between journalists, the word “sleazebag” often comes up whenever Brown’s name is mentioned. Now that you know the background, all you have to do is listen to the interview, and decide for yourself whether that’s fair,” wrote Glavin. 

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