Crazy ‘HR Lady’ Viral Video Against Freedom

Social media newbie Tammy Sepetis gets a dose of her own medicine

A Human Resources recruiter, also known as the ‘Crazy HR Lady,’ is in hot water for a chilling video she posted to social media that went viral—thanks to journalist Glenn Greenwald, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and other like-minded patriots. 

The three-minute video titled “Some Friendly HR Advice” clocked more than 3 million views before disappearing. Lucky for our readers, Woke Up! has reposted the video because we believe everyone deserves to see the effects of someone suffering from post-pandemic mental-health issues.


Unhinged ‘HR Lady’ Viral Video Against Freedom: A Human Resources recruiter is in hot water for a chilling video.

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Online users have identified the social-media newbie as Tammy Sepetis, a divorced Human Resources recruiter, who goes by the user name @tammyandtwins. With zero self-reflection, Ms. Sepetis’s video warns about posting personal opinions and politics on social media. In the sometimes hard-to-watch diatribe, Ms. Sepetis focuses on a biased, hateful rant against pro-choice freedom-loving Canadians who bravely protested the Trudeau government’s illegal and immoral mandates last February in Ottawa, Canada. 


Described by some as a sad middle aged cat lady who clearly lives alone, has no social life, and watches too much CTV news, Ms. Sepetis confesses that she tends to terminate people if they hold beliefs that differ from hers. Particularly when it comes to rejecting the experimental COVID-19 vaccines. We don’t need to tell you that Ms. Sepetis likely supports this questionable “$cience.”


A now removed Linkedin page confirms that Ms. Sepetis is an HR manager in Burlington, Ontario, with a CHRL and CHRP from Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA). 

A spokesperson from HRPA made the following statement after having received the video from outraged members of the public: “HRPA is aware of this video post by one of its regulated members and does not condone or endorse in any way the statements made about HR practice therein. Further, HRPA is reviewing this matter to determine if there has been a breach of its Rules of Professional Conduct.”

RESUME CRA-CRA: This ‘HR professional’ had her video CV seen by more than 3 million unemployed millennials.


With the rational and measured demeanor of a Liberal supporter, Ms. Sepetis tears into those who have had the bravery to speak out against mandated vaccines, travel restrictions, and COVID-19 lockdowns.   

“If you’re looking for a job,” Ms. Sepetis bloviates into her android phone, “or maybe trying to keep a job, maybe, just maybe think about what you’re putting on social media—again, freedom fighters, I know you’re not really big with stats and, you know, facts aren’t your thing—but what I can tell you, what is a fact, is that recruiters talk, and recruiters, like the majority of Canada, don’t agree with you.”

That said, during the height of the Truckers for Freedom rally in Ottawa, many national polls suggested that more than half the country supported the freedom fighters. In fact, two separate online fundraisers managed to generate millions in donations for the protestors, almost triple what the Trudeau government was able to raise during their last election campaign. 


“We hate you so much,” the unhinged loner later adds in the video. “And you think we can’t do anything? But we can, we have the power—always. Remember that. It doesn’t matter if there’s a fucking man at the top of your HR department, it’s run by women. And it’s run by angry women just like me.”

While Ms. Sepetis claims recruiters and HR are “watching everywhere,” it’s been rumoured, among social media users, that Ms. Sepetis may have been terminated from her current job due to her online vitriol video. In what appears to be a just twist of fate, Ms. Sepetis may have finally gotten a taste of her own medicine. We can only hope for her sake—and her cats—that the medicine wasn’t made by Pfizer. 

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