Justin Trudeau Wishes Happy Fathers Day to … Fidel Castro !?!

Is Canada's PM the son of former Cuban Dictator?

Justin time for Fathers Day Woke Up! is delivering the news about Justin Trudeau’s possible parentage.

The long-running theory that Justin Trudeau is actually the illegitimate love child of Margaret Trudeau, (wife of Pierre Trudeau at the time), and the LatinX Love Machine has gone viral online recently, particularly in relation to the way baby-faced Justin has waged war on anyone against him.

Talk about a diplomatic affair!

Spitting Image! (LEFT) Justin Castro (RIGHT) Fidel Castro

Although Justin attempts to play politics like Pierre, it’s pretty obvious to most insiders that Justin’s wild-eyed tyrannical approach to Canadian citizens looks more like the long-serving Cuban dictator than the humble and astute Trudeau senior.

Which makes it no surprise that the Prime Minister invoked Emergences Act last February to squash the anti mandate movement that had sprung up across the country. The act gave the federal government “special temporary measures that may not be appropriate in normal times.” This included clearing the peaceful protestors in Ottawa and at boarder check points as well as freezing their bank accounts.

TRUDEAU IS JUST KAREN ABOUT US: The Prime Minister is no stranger to the image of a boot stamping on a human face -forever.

Justin has repeatedly praised the rule of dictators such as Fidel Castro and the Communist Government of China for their ability to manipulate and control their citizens. And it doesn’t help that Justin looks more and more like Fidel.  

Podcast hosts Mad Dug and Anthony have repeatedly said that whether it’s genetics or not, Trudeau is acting like a true dictator through his heavy-handed, intrusive and tyrannical measures he has taken over the past two years to flatten the curve. 

A hippie in the sixties Margaret Trudeau met the elder statesman Pierre when she was only 18 and he was a tired old 51. And while old Pierre liked to be in the sack by 10 p.m., his younger promiscuous wife had been known to have bedded everyone from the Rolling Stones to Jack Nicholson, Ryan O’Neal, Lou Rawls, and even U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy (yuck!) after only a few years of holy matrimony. Is it really that hard to believe that Fidel buried his seed in the former flower child?  

“What difference does it make who’s his baby daddy,” said one protestor at the Ottawa Freedom Rally back in February. “We just want to be treated fairly under the law. Save all this who’s the father crap for Maury Povich.”

In the increasingly ridiculous world of the state-funded media, the Government of Canada weighed into the fray by making an official statement on the issue!

While most state-funded news outlets are shooting down the theory of Justin being a bastard, other commentators have different takes. 

Politics makes for strange bedfellows

Podcaster and stand-up comic, Dr. Jordan Peterson calls the illusions to Justin’s true parentage “mean spirited satire” and “a nasty bit of innuendo. What’s your point, so he’s born a communist? That’s a stupid point.”

“At the same time,” says the acclaimed author. “The Trudeaus have no one to blame but themselves,” explaining that it was Justin’s father and former Prime Minister Pierre who played political footsie with Castro in the 70s. And now, prognosticates Dr. J, “The chickens have come home to roost for Justin who doesn’t exactly go out of his way to separate himself from the views of the radical left.” 

Whoever Trudeau’s baby daddy is one thing is certain, Canadians have started taking back full custody of their country from their deadbeat daddy Justin Trudeau.

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