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How to never forget a COVID meme

Meme Queen Annie Ramada (AR) has become a viral sensation after her “Never Forget” meme, which depicts the COVID-19 jab being equivalent to the 9/11 World Trade Centre imploding on Lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001. Ramada, who had a successful career in television, particularly gritty crime dramas, was let go from her job in 2021 after a series of memes she created and shared questioned the COVID-19 vaccine mandates at her workplace. Since then, the self-described Queen of Memes has been blowing up the Internet with some of her intellectual jabs at government tyranny. Woke Up! podcast producer Toby Gelman (TG) recently sat down with the artist in an undisclosed location in Eastern Europe, where Ramada is in hiding. 

TG: Explain the idea behind the ‘Never Forget’ meme graph?  

AR: In June 2022, the Canadian government stopped releasing COVID-19 data that included hospitalizations based on vaccine status. By doing that it demonstrated that they’re trying to hide the numbers. For example, people who are triple vaxxed, possibly even quadruple vaxxed, will no longer show up in the stats as the majority of hospitalizations. The government, in my opinion, is trying to hide that the COVID-19 vaccine is actually doing nothing to prevent hospitalization or death. Never Forget implies that we should always remember the last numbers before the cover up began. That said, many elderly people were in the triple vaxxed group at that time and if they were still recording all deaths from covid when it was really ‘with covid’, I imagine it wouldn’t have been as high. If anything, they’re now using this lack of data to perpetuate the myth that this is a disease of the unvaccinated. Something that we know is untrue. It’s all smoke and mirrors, as my meme mentor Sir Peter Gif once told me.     

Inspiration for the meme: The double and triple vaxxed stats soar above the rest like the twin towers. But where is building 7 in this graph??

TG: It’s all so insane. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a crossover movie with Keanu Reeves and ALF. Where did you find this information source?

AR: Yeah, exactly. ALF was a great show, but I don’t recall anything about vaccines in it. 

Anyway, the original source is listed right in the title in the meme. So only the smoke, needle plane and ‘never forget’ were added onto a screen grab taken from the Government of Canada Covid-19 Daily Epidemiology Update back in May. You can easily find it on their site if you have a time-machine. The archive link doesn’t work for me and has likely been buried by the corrupt Trudeau government. 

Another screen grab I took around the same time was Ontario stats, see image below, that shows more triple vaxxed had similar findings at covid-19.ontario.ca

DATA BREACH: It appears when the fudged numbers didn’t add up, the government decided to no longer publish them. Even a Reuters Fact Check couldn’t save this scam!

TG: There’s definitely an episode where ALF had to get his shots before he went to camp with counsellor Ernest P. Worrell. Hmm. Those stats are from March-April 2022. Why now? What’s your message behind the “Never Forget” meme?

AR: I’m a huge fan of Jim Varney, but I’ve never watched any of the Ernest franchise. 

TG: You’re blowing up the norms, Annie!

AR: Thank you. You know, I worked on a gritty New York City crime show back in 2001 when the so-called planes hit the twin towers. I remember how the “official story” of those Saudi terrorists became the go-to from Day 1. One never questioned what the government’s story was, no matter how ridiculous it sounded. I feel that the COVID pandemic has followed the same tyrannical absurdity. Their COVID plan was full of holes, though and was as leaky as all their vaccines. Because now the government no longer wants to distinguish COVID-counts by vaxx status. Instead of admitting that the boosters aren’t slowing the spread, they show the numbers going up and people and news coverage will continue to place the blame on the unvaxxed as being the cause. The graph in my meme and the Ontario graph back in March show otherwise — so Never Forget.

TG: Forget Building Number 7, though.

AR: Haha. 

TG: Okay, Vern. (Laughs out loud.)

AR: Anything else?

TG: How does it feel to be a viral sensation on Twitter and Reddit, also known as Incelit? 

AR: I, like you, was banned from Twitter after speaking out against the corrupt Chinese government. What’s Reddit?

TG: Oh, don’t remind me about Chairman Tiny-wang. Finally, what advice would you give to others who are starting out in the meme business?

AR: Have something to say, but show it instead. It’s like the great Mr. Gif once told me: Phallic images help but don’t break your balls over them. 

Look for more of Annie’s memes coming soon to the Woke Up! website and our social media channels. To read Toby’s Right, click here

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