Booster Mandates Resisted by Canadian Students

Student protest is jabbing back against mandates

At many Canadian universities, including one located in downtown Toronto, students anticipating that the booster mandate will extend beyond the recent requirement to live in residence, are showing resistance by postering campuses with this image and uploading this booster verification instead of the government issued document.

START THE SPREAD: The anti-booster mandate campaign is getting a lot of traction with Canadian students who are tired of “higher” learning telling them how to think.

The uploaded booster verification pdf includes an image of a Graco TurboBooster, which one can purchase through Amazon.

“I got my third vaxx back in March and still got COVID-19 twice. I could upload my real booster status, but when will it end if we don’t react now? Will I need 10 doses on top of my 20 credits to graduate?” said one student who asked to stay anonymous.

what other students are saying

We spoke with another student, Hannah, who said she plans on uploading the same image of a Booster seat purchase as proof of the third vaccine that she refuses to get. “Ridiculous demands call for a ridiculous response. Residence is overrated anyway.”

When asked if she thinks this trend will catch on, Hannah joked, “It could spread faster than COVID-19 among the triple vaxxed.”

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