Ernest Goes to Summer ReEducation Camp

Ernest Goes to Summer ReEducation Camp Woke Up! Podcast with Mad Dug & Anthony Anderson

Season 1 – Episode 11

The endless summer is ending on a high note as rejected Porky’s counsellors Mad Dug and Anthony get schooled at reeducation camp Woke-A-CurrentThing-A-Wiki on Lake Ocasio-Cortez. Join these two bumbling, but lovable DJs as they portage their way through the nature of evil with a gang of rascal campers including Handsome Justin, Klaus the Robot, and Sleepy Joey B. Special guest appearances by Sex-based rights activist Amy Hamm and Freedom protest artist Kyle Fleming. 

It’s a no holds-barred water fight, food fight, and game of manhunt, as the boys of summer prepare to jump the shark. Plus Ernest P. Worrell, Meathead the Alien, and, of course, everybody’s favourite Instagram star Johnny Jock. Featuring music by John Stetch. Get ready for an ESG approved wet and wild ride down the flagpole on Woke Up!

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