Waging War On University COVID Mandates

Western University students are no longer rolling up their sleeves for Ivory Tower COVID mandates that don’t follow the science!!!

Western University is the latest institution to face blowback from students over a ridiculous third-shot COVID-19 vaccine mandate, which the school of “higher learning” is implementing this September. 

Students at the university, located in south-western Ontario, Canada, were recently informed that they would need another—making that three shots total—to attend the school in the fall. The school also requires mandatory masking during all in-class sessions. 

But in a sharp turn from Western’s 2021 vaccine and masking mandates, where most students complied with the junk science, this year students are fighting back against the institution and using social media to do it. 

We’re All In This Together

“The hashtag #enoughisenoughwestern is popping up everywhere,” says Kristi, a double vaccinated Liberal Arts major. The hashtag, created by @students4agency, is quickly becoming the voice of the student movement.

Kristi has said that she doesn’t know if she wants to get the third shot because of all the reported side effects. “COVID is over,” she adds. “Does one have to get like 8 shots to get a degree, wtf?”

The mandate comes at the same time that Ontario‘s chief medical officer of health Kieran Moore has moved in the direction of a risk / benefit based approach on questions such as who should get vaccinated. Moore has stated that if one wants to get a vaccine they can, but no one should be required. 

And students are listening to the Top Doc’s advice. “Hey @WesternU , did you forget that STUDENTS are the reason you have jobs?”

An alum and donor to the school wrote: “It’s time to make a stand and have our voices heard. We are “all in this together”! Let’s help these students out!” 

Students for a jab free society

The protest is similar in nature to the mandate protest at the University of Toronto, which Get Woke Up! broke a few weeks ago. At U of T, students have been postering the campus with anti-COVID vaccine messages and attempting to clog up the vaccine submission form with this booster verification instead of the government-issued document. 

COVID HISTORY CLASS: Many of our loyal readers will remember this story from last year featuring a student being forcefully removed from class for not wearing a mask.

“Even the Ontario government has acknowledged the risk involved with getting a third shot vaccine by stating that one in 5,000 may get myocarditis. In a school of 30,000 students that doesn’t seem like a risk one should be forced to take,” says an anonymous medical expert who fears retribution for speaking out against vaccine policies. 

Follow the Money

Western has yet to address the ongoing protests which have included clogging up school phone lines, crashing email servers, and picketing on campus. Some are even calling for a stop tuition payment. “Hit them where it hurts,” adds Kristi. And a major protest is planned for Saturday, August 27 at 12:00 p.m.

CHEWING THE FAT: While most of the world lost money during the pandemic, a visibly husky Bill Gates made billions from promoting the experimental vaccine, which has caused a number of deaths.

Our medical expert, however, tells Get Woke Up! that if Western does the right thing and overturns the mandate it may be a sign that we’re finally going to get out of this COVID mandate minefield. But ultimately, he believes, this mandate is part of a backroom deal between the vaccine makers and the school. “Western University has received endowments from both the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Pfizer,” he whispers.

“This is more about money than public health,” says Kristi, “but that’s what the pandemic has always been about.” 

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