Black Students Beat DC Mayor Over Vaxx Mandate

Woke Washington DC School District and Power Hungry Mayor Listen to Students and Parents - Walks Back COVID-19 Vaccine Policy

In an amazing demonstration of citizens fighting back and winning, DC Mayor Muriel “Bully” Bowser has walked back her public school vaxx mandate, which threatened to shut out 40% of Black students for the entire school year. 

Get Woke Up!, which first broke the story last week, is proud that our readers jammed DC phone lines, email servers, and street corners in a show of solidarity with the unvaccinated students, who will now enjoy an education alongside their fellow vaccinated peers. 

“Woke Up! readers have spoken and we can now show that people are tired of these redundant mandates,” adds Woke Up! podcast host Anthony Anderson. “The shrill whining of the MSM is being drowned out by the voice of the unvaccinated who have been suppressed for too long.”

BEHIND EVERY POLITICIAN THERE’S A FAUCI: DC Mayor Muriel “Bully” Bowser, seen here with Dr. Anthony Fauci, was not able to impose a mandate barring Black students from attending school after an outcry from Get Woke Up! readers.


Thousands of unvaccinated students attended school on the first day of classes this week in an open act of non-compliance with the DC mandate that many argue is both unreasonable and unlawful. The mandate (at least for now) has been pushed back to January, but it seems unlikely Bully Bowser will even be able to enforce it at that point. The mayor has already lost a court battle that overturned her demand that all city staff be vaccinated or face disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. 

Judge Maurice Ross said in court documents that Bowser lacked the authority to impose vaccine mandates through emergency executive orders. 

“A vaccine mandate is not an everyday exercise of power,” court documents read. “It is instead a significant encroachment into the life—and health—of an employee.”


The news comes as vaccine mandates at some Canadian universities have come under fire and are being challenged by students in the court room and on the streets.

Students at Western University in London, Ontario, staged a massive protest on the weekend with more student and community action planned to fight both vaccine and mask mandates that were imposed just two weeks before the start of school. The unscientific mandates were imposed not based on ‘science’ but rather a poll the university conducted with teaching staff!   

LONDON HAS FALLEN: #EnoughIsEnough protest organizer Kendra Hancock says students must have a choice whether or not they wear masks and if they get a third booster.

Organizer of the ‘#EnoughIsEnough’ anti-mandate campaign Kendra Hancock hopes student direct action at Western will trigger public negotiations and further student consultation over the university’s rules that are out of step with official Ontario infectious disease policies. 

Anderson, who covered the weekend protest, says students and community members told him that they hope by standing up like some did in DC then surely it could work here. “These kids are the future and we should all be proud of the ones that are standing up for themselves and doing some critical thinking. In a university! Imagine that!”

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