Western Students Tell University to JAB OFF!

University pushes back COVID-19 vaccine mandate to early January

Students at Western U, who fought against a ridiculous third-shot booster mandate, have successfully forced the administration to extend the deadline into 2023. Although, Western U did not respond to Woke Up! insiders believe it was pressure from current students, our faithful Woke Up! readers, and influential donors that forced the university to temporarily back off.

“More and more people are learning that if you push back on these restrictions you can win,” added an unnamed Western U political science professor, who feared retribution for speaking out against the school.

“These kids are finally taking part of their community and voicing their concerns after two years of being silenced by their university,” he states. 

Western Students Woke Up!

The mandate for a third booster was set to come into effect this September, but has now been ‘delayed’ into next year. The university school year typically ends in early April.

Western made a public statement stating: “This deadline extension reflects the new Health Canada information and is supported by further consultation including with experts in the areas of infectious disease, epidemiology, family medicine and more. It also responds to the call from our student leaders to provide more time for students in residence to be vaccinated.”

Western In The Fringe Minority

Western and its affiliate Huron University College are the only two—out of 83 universities in Canada—to have vaccine mandates this fall and two of only 14 with masking mandates.

Our secretive prof tattles that the university’s mandates are just the usual non-science ‘but this could help’ sort of thinking that has guided the institution’s policies ‘since day one.’ 

“They also like to tout that the Ivy League universities in the US are doing it. It’s like, guys, Western is not Ivy League.”

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