A Get Woke Up! Guide to Avoiding the ArriveCan App

6 steps to avoiding Canada’s medical technocracy

With close to 90% of the Canadian population vaccinated and just as many immune from past infection to a virus with a 99.98 % survivability rate, the Trudeau government has continued to enforce use of the ArriveCAN App. Described by some as something out of East Germany during the Cold War, the digital ID and COVID-19 tracking program is proving to be buggy, time wasting, privacy invasive, and, much like the Liberal government, totally pointless. And while Trudeau has no plans to remove it, Get Woke Up! is ready to let our readers learn how to avoid it.


Drive or walk up to the US/Canada border and present your passport to a CBSA (Canada Border Customs Agency) customs official. The CBSA official will ask you routine questions such as how long were you over the border and if you have anything to declare. Don’t get nervous. Answer truthfully and politely, but get ready for the ArriveCAN back and forth battle of wills that is about to begin. 

BORDER ORDER: Is that an ArriveCan App in your pocket or are you…
  • ArriveCAN is so glitchy that it often automatically orders fully vaccinated, non-infectious people into quarantine. The situation is so bad that CBSA officials have told people who get the notification to simply ignore the apps demands! 


The CBSA officer will next ask if you have filled in the ArriveCAN App. Calmly and politely answer: No. Don’t get cocky and start reciting the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

DECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE: “Ha! Does your bullsh#t ever actually work?”
  • Remember that you are under no obligation to provide your personal medical information to anyone. The ArriveCAN app shares data with a whole host of agencies and government departments.
  • The union representing Canadian border guards says that as many as 40 per cent of travellers are showing up at major Canadian border crossings without having submitted their ArriveCAN details. CBSAs are spending most of their time on technical support according to their own union. Remember that they think this is stupid too—so the nicer you are to them the better chance you have of simply being waved through.


Now it’s the CBSA officers turn. He/She/Them/Them (Remember, this is Canada!) will ask you to fill in ArriveCAN as it’s a “requirement of entry.” Politely respond that you are unable to fill in the ArriveCAN app because it collects private medical data and you do not consent to the terms and conditions of the app. This bit is important. Any software that you use must have the user sign off on the terms and conditions.  

YOU KEEP PUSHING ME OVER THE BOARDER LINE, BOARDER LINE: ‘These aren’t the droids you’re looking for, I can move along.’
  • The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms recently filed a Constitutional challenge in Federal Court seeking to strike down the mandatory use of ArriveCAN.
  • Many Canadians have filmed themselves crossing the border without filling in ArriveCAN and were never chased down by public health or ticketed.


At this point you will likely be asked if you’re vaccinated. Tell them you do not share your personal medical information. They will become confused and/or frustrated with your statement and tell you that you are being sent to speak with public health. Tell them that you do not want to talk to public health.

VAX OFF!: “But I don’t get it, eh? Why can’t you just comply like everyone else?”
  • Even though it’s most likely that you are vaccinated as it’s hard to get into the US if you’re not, it’s really none of their business.
  • One CBSA officer recently went rogue and started posting how to videos on dodging ArriveCAN.


Customs officials will tell you that you MUST speak with Public Health. Tell them that you are passing on talking with them. Ask them if they are done with you and if you are being detained. If you have passed the inspection and declaration portion of the border and, you are not technically being detained, they have no hold over you.

BORDERLINE DICTATORSHIP: “I know more than you, that’s what you can write in your notes.”
  • Border officials are permitted to give ‘one time exceptions’ who expressed confusion or even hostility.
  • Many Woke Up! readers have shared with us that many of them have simply been waved through when they refused to speak to public health.


They will likely acknowledge that they are not detaining you and can’t force you to speak with public health, but will warn you of fines of up to $750,000 or even jail time for up to six months if Health Canada decides to ‘follow up’ with you. Thank them and drive away passing the sad pathetic public health officials sitting on their fat asses at the side of the road along the way. Unfurl your F*UCK Justin Trudeau flag and drive home.

On the off chance that you get a dick CBSA agent who starts to write you a ticket, keep in mind it likely won’t hold up in court but do be prepared and ready to fold or be firm—standing up for your rights could cost you thousands of dollars. 

WINNING: ‘I’m through the border. Time to get back to being a rad Canadian’
  • In mid-August, the Public Health Agency of Canada told the House of Commons transport committee that Only 190 fines for non-compliance have been handed out
  • Federal Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra who has been the public face of ArriveCAN is rumoured to be leaving his job for ‘personal reasons’. The main personal reason: he sucks at his job.


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