Learn How Get Woke Up! Readers Used Our ArriveCAN Guide and Beat Trudeau!

Trudeau government surrenders to public pressure and removes all travel mandates, including ArriveCAN bot, I mean app!!!!!

Our loyal and dedicated readers have once again beat the tyrannical Trudeau government. The ArriveCAN app, among a handful of other COVID travel restrictions, will be removed this week, September 30. But the following testimonials, submitted to us, prove that the majority of people gave up on this nonsense months ago by using our helpful six steps to Avoiding the ArriveCAN app.

Raj K. — Victoria, B.C

I followed the guide step by step and got through customs in a breeze. How come no other publication stepped up and gave citizens the tools in the toolbox to defy Justin Trudeau? You guys are different and your columnist Toby Gelman is very different! – 

Thanks Raj! About time we used the tools of common sense on those tools in Ottawa! -ed

Bonnie Y. — Buffalo New York

Visiting Ontario again was something I’ve wanted to do since Joe Biden ended the pandemic on TV. I was hesitant because I know from my sister, who lives in Ottawa, how insane you all are and the science is different. There was no way I was sharing my personal health information with your 1984-style government. I followed your easy and funny guide and got waved through just like you described. Thanks! 

Wait a second! The pandemic is over! Are you sure you’re American and not a Russian bot, ‘Bonnie’? -ed

Jenna P. — Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Thanks Get Woke Up! My mom and I were traveling back from the US and she was dead set against using ArriveCAN. She’s double vaxed and so am I, but she’s just done with listening to every stupid thing the government tells us to do. We politely told the border guard that we did our research and know that we don’t have to fill in the app to enter Canada. My mom (church going, tax paying woman of moral character) was willing to get a ticket just to make a point. They just waved us through after following your 6 steps. Keep up the good work. 

Barry R and Martin P — Manchester, UK

My partner and I are coming to Canada this week. If ArriveCAN is still going then we’ll be telling the customs guard they can get lost and get woke up! Top notch list, lads.

Always nice to hear from our UK friends across the pond. Long live Queen Markle … er King Charles III. -ed

Roz R — Russell, Manitoba

I’m vaccine free and proud and there was no way Justin Trudeau and his minions were forcing me into quarantine. By following the Get Woke Up! Guide to Avoiding ArriveCAN I was able to come back home and enjoy the rights guaranteed to me as a Canadian citizen. Thanks!

Glad we could help you escape the clutches of CrimeMinister Blackface and his bridge troll Omar Alghabra! -ed

Todd O. — Windsor, Ontario 

My buddy told me about your website and at first I didn’t know what to think. Is this a joke? Some kind of garbage Liberal satire art project? After reading a few articles… I get it now. It’s the news, but with dick jokes. Loved the guide to fu*king over Trudeau’s ArriveCAN. I’m going to try it on Thanksgiving when I go visit my family in the US if this BS is even still a thing then. 

Good news Todd, ding dong ArriveCAN is Dead!ed

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