Fringe Minority Were Discriminated Against, Says Canadian Premier

Video of Alberta leader Danielle Smith goes viral after she defends the unvaccinated for exercising their personal medical choice

Danielle Smith, the new premier of Alberta in vax-addicted Canada came out swinging on her first day in office in defense of the unvaccinated.

“They have been the most discriminated against group that I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime,” commented Smith to the legacy media. 

Well-known for her anti-mandate, anti-lockdown and pro choice stance on vaccination, the new no nonsense western leader went further: “I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a situation in my lifetime where a person was fired from their job, or not allowed to watch their kids play hockey, or are not allowed to go visit a loved one in long-term care or hospital, or not allowed to go get on a plane to either go across the country to see family or even travel across the border.”

Her comments were controversial as they expressed a rare instance of a Canadian politician acknowledging the prejudice the unvaccinated endured under the iron-fisted and cold-hearted Covid regime of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Around 5% of Canadians are not vaccinated for COVID-19 and have been identified by politicians, the media and fellow citizens as a ‘fringe minority’.

Careful to not come off as insensitive, Smith made a point of adding that she doesn’t take away any of the discrimination that other groups have experienced.

LETTERMAN JACKASS: PM Justin Trudeau has been at the forefront of pushing divisive discrimination against the unvaccinated. He has harassed, ridiculed, punished, fired and even frozen the bank accounts of thousands of Canadians calling them dangerous for holding ‘unacceptable views’.

“But this has been an extraordinary time in the last year in particular and I want people to know that I find that unacceptable, that we are not going to create a segregated society on the basis of a medical choice.”

Reaction to Smith’s comments has varied from complimentary to crazy. For the most accurate and scientific indicator of public sentiment Get Woke Up! turns its coverage over to Reddit.   

A PREMIER PREMIER: Danielle Smith won a stunning underdog victory of the Alberta UCP (United Conservative Party) replacing Jason Kenney as leader and Premier of the province.

Comments from the left wing pro-vaccine wokesters and their rational unvaxed critics on r/theprovinceOntario

On discrimination

u/Plenty-Monk-4026: You can’t just choose to change what you are. People who discriminate against you for being Black or White, Christian, Jewish or Muslim would be discriminating against a protected class that defines your identity. Choosing not to get a vaccine is not a definition of your identity, its just a personal choice much like those with a medical diagnosis choosing not to take the medicine prescribed. Consequences are part of that. It’s not a religion to choose to participate in medical treatment and precedent exists from over 100 years ago.

u/Theclownshowisuponus: Forcing or coercing people to have something injected into their bodies in order to maintain a livelihood (keep their job) and then refusing them access to modern society because they did not make the correct “choice” is not how a free democratic society functions. Its clear cut discrimination against a certain subset of people and it saddens me that my fellow Canadians think this is ok.

u/theclownshowisuponus: What airline refused indigenous to board? How many lost their jobs just because they are indigenous? Did the PM call indigenous peoples a small fringe minority of racist and misogynist people who views can’t be tolerated? Were indigenous told they cannot eat in restaurants? Attend live sports? Watch their kids at the local arena? This has been the worst amount of clear cut discrimination I have seen in my lifetime, not ever by no means, but in my lifetime, yes.

On The Charter of Rights and Freedoms in The Canadian Constitution

u/Plenty-Monk-4026: It’s not a subset laid out in the Charter at all. If you are around people and there is a risk of spreading a communicable illness, public health advisories come out. They did 100 years ago with the last large scale pandemic and it’s the same today. Blocking off roads and border crossings while screaming in the face of others trying to guilt them for support is intimidation and coercion. Threatening to harm police if they try to remove you is intimidation and coercion. Stop being so soft while whining about Woke Liberals.

u/theclownshowisuponus: Since when do you guys care about what is written in the charter anyways? Anytime someone’s rights are taken away that doesn’t fit in the Liberals agenda they bring up the notwithstanding clause. That clause was not written for some cold that 99% of people survive.

On continued pushing of COVID-19 vaccination and censorship

u/Melly_1577: I can’t believe people are still trying to defend these vaccines and forcing them on people. It’s wrong to force any medical procedure on a person at the expense of their job and participation in society.

u/drscratchman: I had gobble gobble dinner with my whole vaxed family and we all just sort of pretended it was 2018 and kept to safe subjects like how much we loved Black Panther and can’t wait for the sequel. 

u/PrudentPainter918: I bet your family is all in the ICU now because of your unvaxxed ass.

u/Melly_1577: Is this a serious comment?

u/PrudentPainter918: No. I’m Dr. Scratchman’s grandfather.

u/drscratchman: Grandpa! Don’t make us take away your twitter AND REDDIT accounts!

On Premier Danielle Smith

u/Barrie: Danielle Smith is a tool.

u/PrudentPainter918: Yes!!! And we need more “tools” like her to fix this country.

u/drscratchman: All the tools in the tool box!

u/taquitosmixtape: This lady is a joke.

u/drscratchman: And you’re the punchline.

As you can see, it was a full day of sparring on the anonymous chat channel. It sounds like these people were locked down for too long.

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