School Boards Across Canada & US Cast Hex on Halloween

Creep of Woke agenda forcing schools to cancel Halloween, but parents ready to fight back

A Special Investigation by Rafe S. Klinger

School boards throughout Canada, and some in the US, are cancelling or, in some cases, watering down Halloween celebrations this year, in a ridiculous attempt to curb so-called cultural appropriation and encourage inclusivity among new immigrants who are not familiar with the annual tradition.

“This year they tried to cancel under the radar—the Board was silent on the issue publicly, but indicated to the schools to play it down,” a very concerned father tells Get Woke Up! “Some schools have ignored the suggestion.”


An internal memo leaked to Get Woke Up! proves that some school boards are attempting to quash one of the most loved traditions in a child’s life. The internal doc cites: “if students choose to wear a Halloween costume to school they should not be reprimanded unless the costume is discriminatory, representative of a person’s culture or religious beliefs or violates the health and safety of other students.” It then refers parents to an article from the Left Wing Radical feminist website: Everyday Feminism.

While some parents are taking this as cancelling, others are left in the dark. “What does a discriminatory costume look like,” said Sandy, a single mother of two. “I don’t want my child sent home because they’ve offended or triggered another child. It’s not even worth the risk.”

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The woke agenda, which has infiltrated mainstream media newsrooms, corporate human resources departments, and all levels of government, has now made its way into your child’s classroom. Parents are seeing everything from school libraries stocking their shelves with pornography to undermining traditions like Thanksgiving.

The father we spoke to went on to say that he was so incensed at the decision that he purchased 1000 candy bars and donated them to his child’s school, but has no clue if they’re going to be distributed. 

“I will be telling them (parent council) that students will be attending in costume. I will be telling them that any new immigrant would be happy to learn about our Halloween tradition.”

As ABC News reports the new tradition of cancelling the holiday is catching on in states such as Ohio, Washington, Michigan and New York

No Rest for the Woke

Halloween is being cancelled in many schools across North America to adhere to radical left wing woke policies.
HALLOWEEN TRICK WITH NO TREATS: School Boards throughout the US and Canada like WRDSB are cancelling or, in some cases, watering down in-school Halloween celebrations this year.

No school board has more horrifically joined the brain dead woke zombie line dance than southern Ontario’s Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB). The board, which on October 19th celebrated ‘International Pronouns Day’ has been one of the most militant in pushing the “inclusive” radical left agenda. A recent letter to parents regarding Halloween read:

“We also want to create a safe, stable environment where every child feels included, valued and treated with dignity. Not all families celebrate Halloween, for many reasons including cultural, religious, socio-economic and personal. The spirit of inclusion also means respect for the decision of those who can’t or choose not to participate in these activities.”

The memo goes on to say they are not cancelling Halloween. But follows up with: “We are advising all schools avoid school-based Halloween celebrations including but not limited to decorations, costume day, distribution of treats and other expressions of this tradition.” It also encourages students to wear orange and black ‘spirit wear’ in place of costumes.

In fact, Woke WRDSB trustees are currently being sued by former Waterloo teacher Caroline Burjoski for defamation after she attempted to right a wrong in her school during a board meeting. School Trustees claimed that she was engaging in ‘hate speech’ and called her ‘transphobic’ when she dared question the age appropriateness of a book available to elementary school children in school libraries that pushed ‘transitioning’ as a normal and healthy choice


WRDSB Trustee Candidate for Waterloo & Wilmot, Cristina Bairos Fernandes says the politicization of Halloween is ‘unfortunate’ and unfair for the students who have already lost so much during COVID lockdowns.

“If this is indeed about being inclusive, there are absolutely creative and fun ways to make it work,” says the candidate who has the endorsement of Campaign for Life as being a ‘pro-family candidate.’

The proud second generation Portuguese Canadian, who has two children in the school board, says that while campaigning teachers have told her they are demoralized at what’s happening in their school and have said to her “this is stupid” and “I can’t believe this.” 

CANDIDATE FOR CHANGE: Running in the 2022 school board trustee election, Cristina Bairos Fernandes wants to bring parents voices back into schools.

“I think the younger students wouldn’t know otherwise—after all, they haven’t experienced it for themselves at school before (plus: mandates + lockdowns). Which I think is, unfortunately, the intention here. I think the thought is that ‘well, this will one day be the normal way’ – and we are simply part of this transitional phase of it.”

Fernandes, who previously attended school in the same board, says there are other less divisive ways to handle the complex issues of culture, religion, and classes around Halloween.

She is certain that any issue has a solution so that the board could still offer the enjoyable experience that Halloween has to offer to students and families. “If this is indeed about being inclusive, there are absolutely creative and fun ways to make it work. We could do ‘DIY’ costumes – kids can practice creativity and problem solving along with self-expression. I didn’t come from a home where money was dispensable for things such as costumes – my most impressive costumes were sewn with love by my mom, and boy do I have found memories of her working on them. It’s another opportunity for families to come together and work on projects together – create together – what a rewarding experience.” 

Fernandes goes on to express with frustration that she is anticipating a letter regarding the cancellation or watering down of Halloween for this year, but suspects it will come after the October 24th school board trustee elections.

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