Online Dating Sites Finding Unvaxxed in High Demand

Both men and women are opting for “Pure Bloods” over “Sheeple”

A new online dating trend is finding more and more people are selecting unvaccinated or self-described ‘pure bloods’ over vaccinated partners. 

“It’s a big change from a year ago,” says Doug, a relationship expert from Utica, New York. “Last year, people were avoiding the unvaxxed like the plague, but now the unvaccinated are scoring more than a championship NBA team!”

As more and more evidence mounts showing that the experimental COVID-19 vaccines are potentially dangerous in the long term it has many women and men worried. Their fears range from heart attacks to sudden adult death syndrome (SADs) to deformed and stillborn babies, confided Doug.

Spring Fever in COVID-1984

KING OF THE VACCINES, SLAVE TO NONE: King Dave has found his Queen, online. Thanks to being able to filter out the unclean for pure maidens this vaccine free jabber has bedded more vaxx virgins over the last few years than Bill Gates has visited Epstein Island.

“To be unvaccinated is no longer fringe,” Amy, a Chicago marketing researcher tells Get Woke Up! “There are definitely characteristics of an unvaccinated man that women are looking for.”

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Some of those include: the strength to stand up for one’s beliefs, the courage to take risks, and the intelligence to care about their health over other people’s feelings, proclaims the unvaccinated thirty-something busty blonde. 

“People aren’t looking for partners who enjoy long walks on the beach, sunsets, and dinners at the Keg,” says Doug. “Bold risk takers have always been in high demand in uncertain times.”

Amy admits that she hasn’t been vaccinated and spent all of last year segregated from family functions and outings with friends. “God, online dating was miserable. I even looked for sites where I could find unvaccinated men, but only ended up matching with a monk in Nepal.”

In the past few months, however, things began to change for the independent voting vixen, as more and more people woke up to the government overreach, the dangers of the jab, and the potential long-term effects which can affect pregnancy. 

Dogecoin Style

THE DATE THAT DATING STOOD STILL: During the height of the pandemic mainstream dating sites like Match, eHarmony, and Tinder also added a feature so you could narrow your choices by vaccination status. The companies originally anticipated it was the vaxxed not wanting to date the unvaxxed. While this was true for a short period of time, the opposite is now the case. 

“Is unvaccinated semen really the new Bitcoin?” asks Doug. “Perhaps it is. Cha ching!!”

And don’t think that the options aren’t out there for both men and women. The idea that there are only two bachelors wearing tin foil hats living in their mom’s garage, or that monk in Nepal. Consider that a lot of the vaccine numbers were altered to make it seem like more people got jabbed than actually did. While some unvaxxed singles are turning to sites like UnJected and UnVeed to connect with like-minded people around the world, others are finding the more mainstream sites like Tinder and Hinge just as useful. 

“Sure, I’m not getting 800 messages a day, but now I’m getting three or four quality messages, going on better dates and can actually see myself having healthy children with a free-thinking man who doesn’t follow doctors on Twitter and watch CNN all day.”

Amy adds that among the vaccinated, she’ll make exceptions for AstraZeneca but won’t compromise for Pfizer or Moderna. “The mRNA gene therapy—I just don’t want that or anyone with it near my body.”

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