Unacceptable Views on Justinflation

Unacceptable Views on Justinflation Woke Up! Podcast with Mad Dug & Anthony Anderson

Season 2 – Episode 2

Justin Trudeau is back on the Woke Up! podcast to discuss everything from Ukraine to the World Economic Forum, alongside Elon Musk’s favourite DJs Mad Dug and Anthony Anderson. This is the heart stopping, bell’s palsy inducing post pandemic party you’ve been waiting two and half years and eight booster shots for. 

It’s non-stop jabs with the All HitZ AM Zoo Crew; including a special bonus version of the Canadian national anthem, composed and sung by Dictator Trudeau. 

Don’t forget to tip your man boobs bottle server 18%. For more great stories and podcasts on Woke madness visit: getwokeup.com Subscribe at getwokeup.substack.com.

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