Vaccinated Wage War on Unvaxxed Over Factual Dating Article

Left wing online extremists mock and belittle unvaxxed looking for love

The mindless vaccinated are waging war again and this time they’re going after start-up dating sites like UnJected and UnVeed that are helping the unvaccinated find true love. 

Get Woke Up! was the first to break the story—a heartwarming tale about unvaccinated singles trying to find like minded life partners—but after an ANTIFA-fueled attack on the article online, there are threats that the vaccinated may try to hack the sites and vax-block pure bloods looking for love.

“We’ve all seen the stats on the vaccines,” pipes Doug on TruthSocial who is an expert on the subject. “We can say for certain that taking the COVID vaccine is a personal choice and really has no effect on people who don’t opt-in to the experimental gene therapy.”

But not everybody agrees with ‘Dr.’ Doug, and are instead spreading dangerous  misinformation on social media.

“Pure Blood?” Mocked one commenter on Reddit. “Why would you need a dating app to have sex with your brothers and sisters? Clearly your parents didn’t need one. Finally though! Something that might slow down the multiplying of people who believe anything they hear. I know, I know. How could Doug be wrong? He’s an expert! Hey, shhhh, shhhh. It’s ok. They’re the sheeple. Now if only we could get them to stop trying to assault or kidnap elected officials.”

CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE: Large groups of loving and compassionate white people are known to riot, loot, and cause general disruptions when others don’t comply with vaccine mandates, question election results, and basically anything else CNN orders.

As faithful Get Woke Up! readers will know — Doug is a Utica, New York based expert in a variety of fields that the website often consults with on scientific and moral issues of the day.

A Doug supporter shot back: “People who believe anything they hear are super funny. Like people who believe that guy in his underwear was trying to assault or kidnap Nancy Pelosi and not just visiting her husband for sexy time.”

“Unlike the mainstream media, Get Woke Up! adheres to the adage that one is innocent until proven guilty, and until a court case has taken place the accusations of assault and kidnapping against David DePape and the gay husband of Nancy Pelosi cannot be verified by this journalist.” cites the Get Woke Up! legal team. 

Unvaxxed Semen is the New Bitcoin

A Twitter user who joined the conversation piped: “The pro-vaccine crowd successfully lobbied for the unvaccinated to lose their jobs, took away their freedom to travel, and even stopped them from visiting friends and family, all over junk science. But the tables have turned and like a spoiled child the vaccinated are throwing a temper tantrum. Maybe it’s the vaccine!”

“Finally! A dating app for incels!” mocks Ted22 on the left wing echo chamber and Twitter copycat site Tribel.

Read Online Dating Sites Finding Unvaxxed in High Demand

One commenter on Instagram who says she follows the science has a more balanced approach to the issue and decry the politicization on both sides. 

“I’m fine dating a vaxxed person, it doesn’t affect my health in any way. Just like the fact that I’m unvaxxed doesn’t affect the health of anyone just like the vaxxed. I wish people hadn’t politicized a non-political issue. Medical care is personal,” she reasons. 

Contrarily an anti-science believer stitched together this bizarre logic in a TikTok with a Beyonce themed musical backdrop: “A select few may think it alters fertility but, even if it does, it’s better than death by covid.”

Another single lady, RadGirl79 responded, sans music with: “If Covid does, so does the vaccine many times over. Vaccines replicate the effects of diseases, usually on a smaller scale. That’s not what happened with these jabs. The technology platform “Liquid Nano Particle” is many times worse because it is designed to bypass natural barriers in the body. Getting Covid means your respiratory system is affected but getting the jab means that the mRNA could end up in any cell in your body; brain, sex organs and more. This is why we are now finding trace amounts in breast milk when a Covid infection would never break the blood/milk barrier (or similarly, the blood/brain barrier). Feel free to call me crazy though!”

TELL THE WORLD OUR STORY: A story that appeared on Get Woke Up! received many hatful and ignorant responses from the vaccinated belittling the innocent unvaxxed looking for love.

RadGirl79 from TikTok, the Chinese state-funded social media site, dueted her support with: “I’d agree if I was over 50, old and sick. Criticizing people over their health choices without knowing my age or lifestyle means you’re just another fool who didn’t bother to look up the data from Italy in early 2020 and realize that the median age of death was 82.”

“I can explain what median means for you if you like 😂,” replied Left4TheWinBidenFan.

“Not that many 80 year olds looking to have kids, you know,” RadGirl79 fired back.

Another left wing loon going by the handel OACISMYPRES69 on Facebook messaged: “I will not date an unvaxxed person unless they had a legitimate medical reason (and those who have legitimate medical reasons not to get covid vaxxed generally are so sick they cannot leave the house anyway). I have immunocompromised people in my life who I am careful for but my primary reason wouldn’t be that, it’s that I wouldn’t be compatible with an antivaxxer who does not comprehend base level science or look to the people who do.”

Advice from the good doctor

In clear agreement with societal segregation this obvious seeker of Pandemic Amnesty had this to say on Reddit: “The whole political argument about who is vaxxed or not kind of died out last year at the peak as no one talks about it anymore. Believe me, I know who amongst my group felt differently than me and our friendship kind of faded out anyway because they were crazy wacko conspiracy theorists! Interesting that you knew exactly the type I was talking about when I said they were conspiracy theorists! Yet you thought I was the crazy one for getting the vax. Any and all extremists are no longer in my circle.”

“I don’t think you’re crazy,” reasoned Dr. Scratchman, a PhD grad in Kinesiology.“People make their own medical decisions based on what they think is best. I think you have a different opinion than the people the article is talking about, that’s all. People didn’t get  vaxxed for all kinds of reasons so assuming they’re all tin foil hat wearing etc. etc. is just unneeded division. It should also be noted that in some places there was no choice, Australia, Canada for example. Get it or lose your job and be banned from society – literally. You may not see it as political and that’s cool. But people on both sides of the fence went a bit nuts – pro vax and anti vax. But there is also a middle ground where we should all meet and stop with the name calling.”

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