Mask Mandate Mocked by University Students 

From plastic buckets to grapefruits as masks - it’s driving the admin bonkers!

Kamil Bachouchi, a fourth year student at Wilfrid Laurier University, has worn ziplock bags, buckets and even exotic fruit as a way to both follow and ridicule the nonsensical COVID-19 safety rules, and many students are beginning to follow his lead. 

“Rather than wear the mask, I was going to wear a face covering,” he tells Get Woke Up! in an exclusive tell all. 

The philosophy major says that when classes began in September nearly everyone was wearing a mask. “I refused to wear it in all my classes. And it’s been a domino effect.” Bachouchi says that now mask compliance is only 10-20 percent in his estimate and when his peers saw that he wasn’t complying they too began unmasking.

Be the change you want to see

A STUDENT OF MASK MEDIA: Buchouchi says that the various mandates at the university and society at large have all been about training the next generation of adults how to comply. “I have rights, I have freedoms and you can’t force me to wear a mask. It’s dystopian and not right. We’re living in not only a province but a country where the government is trying to mandate thought, speech and medical choice.”

The aspiring law school student had been unenrolled against his wishes last year due to not complying with the school’s vaccine mandate. With the threat of further disciplinary action over mandates he decided to get creative. 

“For me the mockery of it is the notion that you can wear anything, other than a mask. And it would still satisfy every part of all these dystopian requirements,” he stated. “Cover your face, mouth and chin. No more seeing faces, just seeing these control mechanisms.”

It’s Called Critical Thinking, Dum-Dums

MASK STUPITIDY: Who says masks don’t work? Uh, the side of the box they come in.

When Bachouchi wore a ziplock bag mask to his philosophy class his clueless prof tried to pressure him into switching it with a ‘useless dollar store mask’ or kick him out of class. But our contrarian pupil was able to debate his way out of the situation using logic that his ‘mask’ was essentially no different or useful than most of his classmates who were wearing disposable masks.  

“This is the same as you wearing a mask and you know that my bucket does nothing. If A equals B then B equals A,” says Bachouchi, taking a lesson from his class in ‘Formal Logic.’ “It’s a valid argument.” 


No stranger to speaking his mind, Buchouchi has been ripping into Laurier for the past two years on social media. “I am making them look bad, and deservedly so. I can’t imagine how much more harm has been done by these restrictions and measures and lockdowns and mandates than it would have been to let people live their lives freely and do what they want.” 

Buchouchi is in agreement with Get Woke Up! readers that the efficacy of the vaccines and the mask has been proven to be overstated and fraudulent. “Some people have been standing up, but on campuses it’s been fairly pacifistic. Students need to stand up and demand change.”

A recent poll by Canada’s state sponsored broadcaster CBC showed that only 25% of respondents agreed with bringing back a mask mandate. Despite pressure from left wing lobby groups the province of Ontario has only ‘strongly recommended’ them at this point. 

A Masked Avenger

SIR BUCKET HEAD TO THE RESCUE: Fellow students thought it was funny at first but were shocked that Buchouchi got away with wearing random items like a bucket as a mask. “This is bogus, it’s crazy,” laughs Buchouchi. “If I can get away with wearing a bucket on my head while following every single requirement that they have I think it has opened the eyes of the people in my class and other classes.”

Buchouchi is getting a lot of positive responses except for the one or two students who he says wear their masks religiously.“I’m not putting you at risk by not wearing a mask, you’re not any safer by wearing one, we’re not talking about tuberculosis here, it’s COVID 19. We’re all healthy 20 year old able bodied students.”

“I could just shut up and do what they say and let someone else do the fighting but whether I’m the first or the last – people need to stand up for what’s right and think about others not just themselves.” 

The masked avenger says he has gotten incredible support online and has made him realize he’s not crazy. “I’m fighting the right fight for myself and future generations against an education system and government that doesn’t have the citizens at the top of their mind.” 

Mock Compliance

Bachouchi is planning on other nonsensical and funny masks this semester including coming to class in a ‘mask’ such as: ladies panties, a paper bag, a shoe, and a full hazmat suit. 

Look for this bright young disruptor as one of the speakers at the World Wide Freedom Rally in Toronto this coming weekend where Bachouchi says he’s planning on bringing his bucket mask but not sure if he’ll wear it. 

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