Meet Woke Up!

“Mad” Douglas DuChamp (Co-host of Woke Up!)

Born in the Swiss canton Basel-Stadt, Douglas DuChamp got an early start on radio, often appearing on his father’s offbeat pirate radio station Der Strudel. Moving to Canada, DuChamp pursued a number of odd jobs including voice actor and finally in the mailroom at ALL HITZ AM, where he spent most of the time sifting through Toby Gelman’s hate mail. It was during one afternoon, while delivering a microwave to Anthony Anderson for Microwave Mondays when an accidental on-air discussion was broadcast live and the dynamic duo was born. Follow @AllHitzAMWokeUp

Anthony Anderson Esq. (Co-host of Woke Up!)

Anthony Anderson describes himself as an old piece of furniture in the radio world. This legend of the airwaves has worked with everyone from the beloved Peter Mansbridge to the barley tolerated Stu Jefferies. Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Anderson got his professional start in the late 80s on the late-night call-in show Hammered In The Hammer. His personable interviewing skills, sharp wit, and ability to appear unbiased, earned him a following that made him a highly sought after commodity in the U.S. radio market. After a brief sojourn in America, he was unceremoniously ejected from the country after a radio prank call with guest co-host Bea Arthur to George Bush Sr., went horribly sideways. Anderson took over the ALL HITZ AM afternoon drive show in the early in the 2000s. A father of eight kids with five women and counting, this king of the airwaves lives by the motto: “They’ll never know you’ve forgotten the lines, since they can’t see you reading the script.” Follow @AllHitzAMWokeUp

DJ Johnny Jock (Host of Pitch This!)

DJ Johnny Jock (Host of Pitch This! on All Hitz AM): Fierce lover of freedom, loud explosions and louder women DJ Johnny Jock is anything but a faceless voice of radio. Having appeared in over 400 Canadian television programs (as a background performer) over the past 20 years, Jock is a star on the rise. Follow @AllHitzAMWokeUp

Toby Gelman (Producer: Woke Up! and Pitch This!)

A native of South Africa, Toby’s career spans decades in the entertainment industry. From stints as a writer for hit shows like Facts of Life, Alf and CTVs Circus! Gelman moved to Toronto for love. Marrying Greta in a lavish ceremony on the Toronto Island that included guests such as Al Waxman, Margaret Atwood and that Amish furniture guy from late night TV ads. When Gelman is not at the studio, he’s busy as a prolific self-published author producing titles such as Writing a Book for Dummies, Dummy and, of course, the award-winning pulp fiction series and now radio drama Johnny Jock PI. Look out this spring for Johnny Jock PI and The Curious Case of the Missing Spiced Pumpkin Loaf. Follow @producergelman

Rafe S. Klinger (Sound Engineer: Woke Up! and Pitch This!)

Born and raised in Buffalo, N.Y, sound engineer Rafe Klinger describes himself as just a white guy sitting alone in his basement apartment listening to the Jordan B. Peterson Podcast. Rafe joined the ALL HITZ AM team in 2016 as part of a work-release prison sentence (for a crime he didn’t commit!). In his spare time, Rafe enjoys spending time with his two kids, whom he has for 10% of the month so long as he gives his ex-wife 50% of his income. Follow @getwokeupdotcom

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