The Stars and Stripes Won’t Ruin Our...

How can I stop racism from ruining my family vacation? Asks one GWU! reader. Karen and Kevin platform their extreme, extremist take.

Colonizer Clothing Line Settles Complex Issue of...

After drug addict George Floyd overdosed while robbing a Minnesota convenience store, Amber Parks knew she had to do something. 
AI hallucinations refers to the strange phenomena where artificial intelligence produces bizarre outputs.

Phoning in the World Economic Forum

Jet lagged and fully indoctrinated after a week at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Mad Dug returns to South Florida...

Weird Week in Woke Digest: May 19–25

While some found victory over their intifada on fat, only our Wokesperts™ have the summer bod recipe to get you off the current thing.
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